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  • British campaign for the 35th America's Cup: Almost a green light
  • 10 knot jump in world sailing speed record in 10 days
  • Grant Dalton airs his views
  • Russell Coutts' Cupdate
  • Life on board at 40 knots



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    • 15/06/2016 20.32
      Wonderful article and great technical photos! Really great reading. Many Thanks, Mats ... Read More

    • 11/09/2015 16.32
      Who will be next? Mark Turner? Jamie Boag? Or, inevitably, someone without the first clue about yachting? ... Read More

    • 16/08/2015 12.07
      the race committee should shoot or instantly disqualify those idiots from other classes that are messing up others starts. ... Read More

    • 10/08/2015 12.27
      Weird foils. Could someone do an article to explain them please? That's if it's not so confidential that it is impossible ... Read More