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New Juan K IMOCA 60 unveiled...sort of

New shrink-wrapped solo round the world beauty for Bernard Stamm

Monday April 4th 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: Switzerland

Bernard Stamm's newly built IMOCA 60 Rivages today emerged from her builders, Decision SA in Ecublens, Switzerland after more than a year in construction. She will now head to La Ciotat in the south of France to be finished off before embarking on her new program where the primary objective for her skipper is winning the next Vendee Globe.

15 months after the double Velux 5 Oceans winner's new IMOCA 60 campaign was announced, the new Juan K design (Juan's first IMOCA 60 since the beamy heavyweight Pindar) has made her first appearance in public, a special moment for the Rivages team as well as her builders led by Decision SA's Bertrand Cardis. ""The feeling at the boat yard is a bit special," admitted Cardis, "especially when you have put in so much energy ... We are passionate about it but it's a little frustrating to let her go even if we must. However, we have the satisfaction of seeing a boat leave that is very beautiful really well thought out in great detail."

Cardis' sentiments are shares by Gabriel Prêtre, who today was at the unveiling, representing the Sandoz Family Foundation. "Bernard Stamm and his team have managed the creation of a new race, that may have a simple shape, but which will perform. For my part, I loved this project because it is sharp, interesting, even exciting. We tried to do what is best in the world of IMOCA for a fixed budget."

But most excited of all of course was her skipper Bernard Stamm, who welcomed the next step in this his third IMOCA 60. "I am pleased to be able to realise what we imagined - Decision had done a remarkable job. Now, we have other parts to be assembled to complete the puzzle. I am looking forward to sailing this beautiful boat."

Before La Ciotat there is the no small matter of getting there. No cargo helicopter for Rivages - she will undertake the 500km journey over five days accompanied by a police escort. According to project manager, Gautier Levisse the transport company has already carried out a recce for the route their 'convoy spécial' must take and it will involve only moving during daylight, and to get through will require the removal of some trees and some road signs. "A market will also be moved to allow the passage of the convoy."



A few more angles to be seen in this vid...



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