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In the bag for Fantastica

Lanfranco Cirillo's team dominates the opening Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series in Lerici, Italy

Sunday March 28th 2010, Author: James Boyd, Location: Italy

Lanfranco Cirillo on Fantastica has won the first event of the 2010 Audi Melges 32 Sailing Series, which ended today with only one race in Lerici, Italy.

Fantastica, in three days did nothing wrong and are now considered the force to be reckoned with in the Melges 32 fleet. Tactician Michele Paoletti, over the course of seven races regularly placed the boat at the front of the fleet, but what was most impressive was the cool, calm and collected determination and ability to always put them in the upmost favourable position on the finish line. Fantastica also seemed to have a distinct advantage with the two year long assistance of professionals Dede De Luca and Stefano Rizzi. They appear to be biggest weapons in the line-up of Cirillo’s crew.

Up against the overwhelming power of Fantastica, Mauro Mocchegiani’s Rush Diletta with new tactician Matteo Ivaldi proved solid and consistent finding themselves on the podium in second overall, 13 points behind Cirillo.

Finishing third overall is defending 2009 Audi Sailing Series Champion Carlo Alberini on Calvi Network, just ahead of Filippo Pacinotti’s Brontolo in fourth. Pacinotti was left smiling in the last race of the day. The light breezes provided the trickiest of conditions, however the Cassinari brothers navigated with confidence while the team awaits the return of Freddie Loof from his Olympic Star sailing.

In fifth overall was Luca Lalli on B Lin with Lorenzo Bressani proving to be the best rookie tactician within the fleet. After a great first day, a 2-3-3 Lalli steadily fell off the pace finishing 12th in the final race of the event. Although falling from second to fifth is less than Lalli’s expectation, it proves they have what it takes to be a major player in the 2010 Melges 32 Sailing Series.


1 ) ITA 164 Fantastica, 1-1-5-1-1-6-2 pt. 11
2 ) ITA 187 Rush Diletta, 3-4-9-3-7-2-5 pt. 24
3 ) ITA 186 Calvi Network, 4-2-1-7-4-11-10 pt. 28
4 ) ITA 667 Brontolo, 11-5-6-9-2-5-1 pt. 28
5 ) ITA 23 B Lin Sailing, 2-3-3-12-6-4-12 pt. 30
6 ) ITA High Life, 8-8-4-2-17,2-3-8 pt. 33
7 ) ITA 141 Fra Martina, 6-10-8-10-5-1-9 pt. 39
8 ) GER 206 Opus One, 5-6-7-8-10-14-3 pt. 39
9 ) ITA 161 Pilot Italia, 13-7-2-8,2-8-13-4 pt. 42,2
10 ) ITA 487 Torpyone, 9-11-12-4-3-9-14 pt. 48
11 ) CZE 204 Black Mamba, 10-13-14-6-11-12-7 pt. 59
12 ) ITA 177 Cuervo Y Sobrinos, 7-12-10-15-9-8-15 pt. 61
13 ) ITA 172 Janas, 12-9-11-14-13-7-13 pt. 65
14 ) NED 209 Roark, 14-14-15-13-12-10-11 pt. 74
15 ) ITA 33 I-NOVA, 15-15-13-11-19,2-15-6 pt. 75
16 ) ITA 182 H2SO4, 16-16-16-16-15-16-16 pt. 95



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