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118 entries for F18 Worlds

Battle lines being drawn up in Alamitos Bay, Los Angeles

Friday September 7th 2012, Author: Rich Roberts, Location: United States

Multihull sailing history comes full circle with the Globaltech Formula 18 World Championship to be hosted by Alamitos Bay Yacht Club in Los Angeles from this weekend through next week.

It's the class's first world championship ever contested in the USA and, more specifically, on the Southern California waters where multihull racing first thrived in the 70s.

Measurement and inspection start Friday for 118 entries from 13 countries and five continents. Racing goes off on Tuesday, with as many as 15 races scheduled through Saturday on the open ocean outside the breakwater.

Racing will start at noon, conditions permitting. There will be practice races Monday starting at 3 p.m.

The first three days of racing will sort out the fleet into Gold and Silver groups - the former competing for the grand prize on the weekend.

Long Beach is where one of the competitors grew up and won an Olympic silver medal in 1984. Jay Glaser, a multihull sailor to the bone, was crew for Randy Smyth, as he is now for Pease Glaser, his wife, also an Olympic silver medalist in Women's 470 and partner in their successful Glaser Sails company in nearby Huntington Beach.

"Southern California was always the hotbed of multihull activity," Jay Glaser said. "We go to different places in the world and think, 'Why do we leave Long Beach?' It has some of the best sailing in the world, for sure."

Dropping the Tornado catamaran from this year's Olympics was a blow to cat fanatics around the world, but the picture brightened last spring when the Nacra 17 catamaran was added for Rio de Janeiro in 2016, with a new Olympic wrinkle: mandatory mixed crews of one male and one female.

"Having the catamaran back in the Olympics is fantastic," Glaser said. "The new boat seems to be a good choice, and having people sailing mixed, that will be interesting. I'm not sure how that will turn out, but hopefully it turns out well."

Might he and Pease give it a go for Rio?

"Uh ... no," Glaser said, smiling.

But it's likely that many of the competitors will be racing with Glaser sails, as several world champions do. Since they specialize in small boats, they haven't made any for the America's Cup teams, but that event has boosted interest in multihulls, which has had many skeptics.

"When people see the racing they think it's different, but it's still racing," Glaser said. "[Some thought] it would just be a parade and nobody will pass ... but it's exciting and things are happening all the time, and there are plenty of opportunities to pass and it's still about boat handling, going the right way and sailing your boat."

Glaser is certain that this will be his and Pease's best effort in the F18 Worlds.

"It's also our first," he said.

The other headliners include defending champion Darren Bundock of Australia. Bundock also has Olympic silver from 2000 and 2008 but was shut out of this year's Games when organisers went strictly monohull.

No problem for Darren. He has just advanced to sailing much larger multihulls for Larry Ellison and Russell Coutts' defending America's Cup team, Oracle Team USA, as a coach and helmsman on the AC45s.

Meantime, the multihullers didn't quit but took another direction by developing not a new boat from a single design or manufacturer, per se, but a formula for a common class: the Formula 18.

The racing will be tracked on the Kattack website by courtesy of the title sponsor.


Column1 Helm Crew Nat
1 christian vilate  juan cruz benitez   ARG
2 Cruz Gonzalez Smith  Mariano Heuser   ARG
3 Esteban Luciano Blando Nicolas Aragones   ARG
4 Gabriel Berberian  Leo culotta   ARG
6 Ian Rodger     ARG
7 Juan Faustin  Lucas Gonzalez Smith   ARG
8 Juan Pablo Sucic  Esteban Luis Daneri   ARG
9 Martin Vanzulli  Gustavo Rizzi   ARG
10 sergio armesto  santiago Rigoni   ARG
11 Sergio Mehl  Juan Martín Benitez   ARG
12 Sergio Mehl  Juan Martin Benitez   ARG
13 Darren Bundock  Jeroen van Leeuwen   AUS
14 drew carlyle  James Wierzbowski   AUS
15 Greg Goodall  Christa van Helden   AUS
16 Jason Waterhouse  Brett Goodall   AUS
17 Michael Broise  Miranda Powrie   AUS
18 Rod Waterhouse  Chris Way   AUS
19 Anthony Boueilh  Maxime Picard   CAN
20 Benoit Sonrel  Kelly Thompson   CAN
21 Brian Hunt  Seamus Woodward-George   CAN
22 Chris Prentice  Craig Guthrie   CAN
23 Dan Borg  Christopher Molder   CAN
24 Lisa Reid  Nate Reid   CAN
25 louis-philippe ethier  Maxime Loiselle   CAN
26 Mark Jones  Ingrid Gutzmann   CAN
27 Nicolas Dubé  Vincent Gagne   CAN
28 Olivier Pilon  Alberto Torné   CAN
29 Humberto del Rio  Claudio Martinez   CHI
31 Marcelo Cisternas     CHI
32 Mario Mandujano  Pablo Gallyas   CHI
33 Nicolas Kovacevic  Lukas Kovacevic   CHI
35 billy besson  jeremie laguarrigue   FRA
36 Bontemps Gurvan  Amiot Benjamin   FRA
37 BOULOGNE Emmanuel  MOREAU Frederic   FRA
38 Charles Hainneville  Fanouillère David   FRA
39 Christophe Gauchin  Dorothée Lazzarotto   FRA
40 James Baeckler  Guidho Longhi   FRA
41 jean-Francois Lédée  Vincent Jordil   FRA
42 Pierre Le Clainche  Antoine Joubert   FRA
43 hugh styles  Alain Sign   GBR
44 E.J. Foss  Dane Buk   ITA
46 Andrew Macpherson  Shannen Marck   NED
47 Carolijn Brouwer  Wouter Samama   NED
48 Coen De Koning  Thijs Visser   NED
49 Froukje Feenstra  Mischa de Munck   NED
50 Gunnar Larsen  Gerhard van Geest   NED
51 Ingrid Bakker  Hugo Gommers   NED
52 Jolbert Van Dijk  Niels Kleijweg   NED
53 Jorden Veenman  Frank de Waard   NED
54 Laurent Lenne  Olivier Witteveen   NED
55 Mischa Heemskerk  bastiaan tentij   NED
56 Oscar Zeekant  Karel Begemann   NED
57 Willem Geijssen     NED
58 Mike Drummond  Finn Drummond   NZL
59 Musab Al Hadi  Ahmed Al Balushi   OMA
60 Enrique Figueroa     PUR
61 Tim Shuwalow  Thomas Ekefalk   SWE
62 Alex Van Brunt  Shawn Hwang   USA
63 Annie Gardner  Eric Witte   USA
64 Ben Brown  Nate Brown   USA
65 Ben Colwell  Luke Summers   USA
66 Bill Westland  Alex Westland   USA
67 Blair Toland  Daniel "El Hombre" Hurwit   USA
68 Bob Merrick  Tyler Burd   USA
69 Brett Bingham  Robert Jennings   USA
70 Brooks Reed  Jeff Dusek   USA
71 Charles Froeb  Jim Johnstone   USA
72 Chris Tuckfield     USA
73 Christopher Slocum  Colin Slocum   USA
74 Clay Selsmeyer  Alex Selsmeyer   USA
75 Dan DeLave  Eileen Haubl   USA
76 David Ingram  Mark Herendeen   USA
77 David Stiemsma  colin caliban   USA
78 Dennis Key  John Williams   USA
79 Ed Feo  Dave Millett   USA
80 Greg Thomas  Jacques Bernier   USA
81 Guy Selsmeyer  JJ JohnsonJJJ   USA
82 Ian Sammis  Paulo Gabella   USA
83 Jason Moore  Jake Sailer   USA
84 Jasper Van Vliet  Peter Shumar   USA
85 Jeff Collins     USA
86 Jeffrey Newsome  eric raybon   USA
87 Joe Bouchier     USA
88 John Bauldry  Giselle Vaziri   USA
89 John Casey  Dalton Tebo   USA
90 John Hoag  Todd Christensen   USA
91 John Tomko  Ian Billings   USA
92 Joseph Bello  Tyler Holmes   USA
93 Karl Funk  Paul Andrepont   USA
94 Karl Langefeld  Beth Langefeld   USA
95 Kelly Krueger  Dan Krueger   USA
96 Ken Marshack  Eric Marshack   USA
97 Kurt Korte  Chris Kennedy   USA
98 Matt Struble  Damon LaCasella   USA
99 Michael Butler  Erwin Lucardie   USA
100 Michael Easton  Tripp Burd   USA
101 Michael Krantz     USA
102 Pease Glaser  Jay Glaser   USA
103 Philippe Kahn  Mark Christensen   USA
104 Phillip Meredith  Bill Tieman   USA
105 Richard Vilvens  Daisy Eng   USA
106 Rob Jerry     USA
107 Robbie Daniel  Hunter Stunzi   USA
108 Sandra Tartaglino  Chris Titcomb   USA
109 Sarah Newberry  Maxime Hainneville   USA
110 scott miller  hailey miller   USA
111 Stephen Stroebel  Matt Morris   USA
112 Steve Piche  Juke Ball   USA
113 Steve Rosenberg  Jacob Rosenberg   USA
114 Taylor Reiss  Matthew Whitehead   USA
115 Todd Riccardi  Brendon Scanlon   USA
116 Ulrich Gollwitzer  Ela Sliwerska   USA
117 Wes Wilcox  Jenna Wilcox   USA


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