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'Dash' for cash

Syz & Co Moth Europeans set sail tomorrow in Switzerland

Monday August 16th 2010, Author: Sandra Mudronja, Location: Switzerland

The Syz & Co 2010 Moth European Championship set sail on Sunday with the 'Dash for Cash' slalom on the lake at St Moritz. A number of World and European champions took part in this prelude to the European championship. Hundreds of spectators came to see the spectacle of the 11ft foilers, despite the rain and bad weather.

Three Swiss sailors made it to the podium: in first place was Arnaud Psarofaghis, in second place Matthias Reinker, from Lake Thun, already the holder of ten Swiss Champion titles, and in third place Martin Raeh, from Lake Zurich. Ricardo Payro, Communication Director of the private bank Syz & Co, has offered cheques amounting respectively to CHF 500, 1000 and 1500 to the podium placers. Britain's Simon Payne, the current World Champion, finished fourth, followed by the Australian Rob Gough, former windsurf World Champion.

The Syz & Co 2010 Moth European Championship proper starts tomorrow, with four races scheduled on Lake Silvaplana, one of the most beautiful lakes in the Upper Engadin.

The sailors have already been practising for several days, in very variable wind conditions and very cold temperatures: the lake temperature is 9°C, while the air temperature is little higher.

More than 80 Moth sailors made it to St-Moritz; never before had so many prestigious sailors got together for a championship.

A number of sailors have impressive achievements: including Simon Payne, Andrew McDougall, runner up at this year's Puma World Championships in Dubai and designer of the Mach2 and the Bladerider and American Bora Gulari, 2009 World Champion.

Sadly the line-up will not now include Adam May and his solid wingsail Moth.

The line-up

First Name Last Name Sail n° Boat
Rob Gough AUS Mach 2
Andrew McDougall AUS 2 Mach 2
Nathan Outteridge AUS 3709 Mach 2
Scott Babbage AUS 7 Mach 2
Doug Culnane AUT 3202 Flashheart
Walter Ebenhöh AUT 3484 Bladerider
Nikolaus Liebscher AUT 3585 Assassin
Giovanni Galeotti BEL 3388  
Lucas Brun BRA Mach 2
Jonas Warrer DEN Assassin
Ole Frey DEN 3158 Bladerider
Hans Rasmussen DEN 3292 Bladerider
Pablo Arandia ESP 3675 Mach 2
Sami Jokinen FIN Axeman
Janne Uusi-Autti FIN Bladerider
Nicolas Bessec FRA Katana
Damien le Houerou FRA  
Anthony Rezzoug FRA Tony
Yann Andrillon FRA 3312 Bladerider
Philippe Oligario GBR Ninja
Ben Paton GBR Ninja
Jason Belben GBR Ninja
Geoff Carveth GBR Mach 2
Simon Payne GBR 1 Mach 2
Katherine Knight GBR 3021 Home built
Martin Feat GBR 3323 Bladerider
Dougie Imrie GBR 3335 Bladerider
Jonnie Hutch GBR 3376 Velociraptor
Tim Penfold GBR 3607 Mach 2
Doug Pybus GBR 3614 Ninja
Tom Offer GBR 3618 Ninja
Olivier Vidal GBR 3620 Ninja
James Phare GBR 3713 Mach 2
Jonathan Peats GBR 3730 Mach 2
Peter Barton GBR 3758 Ninja
Mike Cooke GBR 3760 Ninja
Rod Harris GBR3467 Fastacraft
Frederik Schmid GER Assassin
Carlo Mäge GER 1058 Bladerider
Jens Schoenberg GER 1060 Fastacraft
Manfred C. Schreiber GER 3170 Bladerider
Gerold Pauler GER 3259 Fastacraft
Burkhard Staabs GER 3381 Mach 2
Harald Steiner GER 3399 Homebuild
Sven Kloppenburg GER 3684 Mach 2
Markus Steeg GER 3732 Mach 2
Anthony Kotoun ISV 3496 Mach 2
Franco Ferluga ITA ??
Oscar Mayr ITA Mach 2
Francesco Bianchi ITA Mach 2
Michele Ferrari ITA 3275 Bladerider
Enrico Fonda ITA 3502 Bladerider
Koos Winnips NED 3100 Prowler 4
Chris Jeeves NED 3192 Axiom v4
Constantijn Weber NED 3235 Bladerider
Eelco Boers NED 3454 Bladerider
Peter Burling NZL Assassin
Thomaz Copi SLO 3712 Mach 2
Eric Monnin SUI Assassin
Alessandro Fuchs SUI Mach 2
Kristoffer Jonsson SUI Mach 2
Roberto Dazio SUI 3247 Bladerider
Philippe Schiller SUI 3255 Bladerider
Mahé Ratte SUI 3274 Bladerider
Nicola Decarli SUI 3438 Bladerider
Morgane Salomé Ratte SUI 3598 Mach 2
Fabien Froesch SUI 3622 Mach 2
Mikis Psarofaghis SUI 3623 Mach 2
Martin Zaeh SUI 3624 Mach 2
Matthias Renker SUI 3626 Mach 2
Samuel Mouret SUI 3662 Swissmoth
Philip Käsermann SUI 3729 Mach 2
Jean-Pierre Ziegert SUI 3734 Mach 2
Arnaud Psarofaghis SUI 4 Mach 2
Patrick Ruf SUI 607 Duvoisin III
Duvoisin Frederic SUI 616 Duvoisin V
Emma Aspington SWE 3125 Bladerider
Per Eskilson SWE 3140 Bladerider
Magnus Grävare SWE 3279 Bladerider
Peder Arvefors SWE 3289 Bladerider
Casper Arvefors SWE 3290 Bladerider
Tinta Nystedt SWE 3339 Bladerider
Chris Graham UAE 9 Mach 2
Christopher Rast USA Mach 2
Bora Gulari USA 6 Mach 2


Err - they'd be lowriding then...

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