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Joyon sets off on 'Friendship' record

IDEC leaves Bordeaux

Tuesday April 8th 2014, Author: James Boyd, Location: France

Francis Joyon set off on the Friendship Route in the Gironde Estuary aboard his maxi trimaran IDEC today at 1433 UTC.

In a moderate easterly, which is due to strengthen, Joyon intends to establish a new record between Bordeaux and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Because of this he doesn’t have any particular time to aim for, but is determined to set the best reference time possible on this voyage across the Atlantic in aid of charity. Joyon did not have to wait long to get underway having only gone on stand-by last Friday evening…

Joyon commented: “It’s always exciting to open up a new route, particularly when it is in aid of a noble cause like the ICM. This transatlantic crossing is rather special due to its length and destination, as it resembles the start of a round the world voyage. What we’re trying to do here is to set an initial reference time and not to smash an existing record, but I saw for myself when I set off on the route to Mauritius that it is not always that simple. You still find yourself alone aboard a 30-metre long multihull, which is designed to be sailed quickly.”

This new record between Bordeaux and Rio de Janeiro is designed to be a symbol of the friendship, linking the two nations of France and Brazil. It brings together ambassadors from both countries, including personalities from the world of sport, the arts, as well as from business and the media. They are united to offer their support to various charity organisations, including the ICM, the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute.

For this new route will entail sailing more than 4800 nautical miles across and down the Atlantic, during which the big red trimaran will be flying the 'Sail of Hope' as a headsail. This was signed in France and will shortly be signed in Brazil by all of the ambassadors from both nations that have gathered around this project. This sail will later be auctioned at the end of 2014 at a special gala event in Paris. All of the proceeds will be handed over to charities and to the Brain and Spinal Cord Institute.

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