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IMOCA-Open 60s - where are they now?

We list all the boats built

Friday November 2nd 2012, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

Following on from our equivalent article on the Whitbread/Volvo Ocean Race boats, so today we publish our chronology of all the Open 60/IMOCA 60s that have ever been built (to our knowledge). Readers are welcome to add their contributions and sighting by emailling us here.

While Warren Luhr's ground breaking Thursday's Child is generally held up as being the 'first Open 60', It could be argued that Philippe Jeantot's first Credit Agricole, winner of the inaugural BOC Challenge in 1983 was the boat that started the trend in bespoke 60ish footers for singlehanded offshore racing, particularly those with movable ballast, initially in the form of water, then canting keels, the first 60 to have one being Isabelle Autissier's briefly very successful Ecureuil Poitou Charentes (that demolished the opposition on leg one of the 1995 BOC). Although obviously there were boats before designed and built for solo offshore racing, dating all the way back to Eric Tabarly's 1964 OSTAR winning Pen Duick II, it was only in the 1980s with the 60ft length limited imposed for boats in the OSTAR and subsequently the second BOC Challenge in 1986-7, that the 60ft size range was finally settled upon.

For the 1986-7 BOC Challenge more rules were added beyond just mere overall length, in the form of mandatory watertight bulkheads. Perhaps most significant was the introduction of the famous 10 degree rule to limit the amount of moveable ballast carried (a boat must heel by no more than this at the dock with all her movable ballast deployed either side). This latter rule was unquestionably the most type-forming, leading the surfboard-shaped, twin rudder ultra-sleds that the Open 60 and then the IMOCA 60 has since become. 

Perhaps appropriately the Open 60 became the IMOCA 60 as more rules were introduced in the 1990s following an embarrassing spate of boats capsizing and remaining inverted (thanks to their surfboard shape), particularly during the 1996 Vendee Globe, when Jerry Roufs was lost in the Pacific aboard his Groupe LG (later found upside down off Chile) and subsequently in the 1998-9 Bwhen Giovanni Soldini famously rescued Isabelle Autissier from the upturned hull of PRB mid-Pacific.

After this, the fledgling IMOCA class implimented some severe stability requirements beyond the mere 10deg rule (that some argued had caused the problem from the outset), including a minimum Angle of Vanishing stability requirement. Skippers also had to prove that they could right the boat from a full inversion without the rig, hence why IMOCA 60s from this period on sprouted cabintops. It also signalling the death knell for water ballast being used as the sole means of providing lateral stability in favour of canting keels. Although modern IMOCA 60s still carry vast quantities of water ballast, today this is primarily used for altering displacement to suit conditions and for fore and aft trim.

The rules have continued to develop and in recent years cost saving measures have been introduced limiting draft, mast height, number of sails, carried, etc. Unfortunately these new rules have largely failed to prevent the inevitable escalation of costs and as a result the IMOCA class is now seriously contemplating turning the sailing world's only remaining big boat offshore development class into a one design.

We've included boats whenever they've taken part in their first round the world race.

If we've missed any or got anything wrong, let us know... 

Clicking on some of the boat names brings up photos of them...

Boat Skipper Designer/builder Notes/results
BOC Challenge 1982-1983      
Credit Agricole 1 Philippe Jeantot Guy Ribadeau-Dumas 1982-3 BOC Challenge winner in 159 days; one of the first water ballasted boats since Pen Duick V
Voortreeker 2 John Martin Angelo Lavranos 1982 RBR 1st mono; 1984 OSTAR 2nd mono; 1986 2 STAR 1st mono; 1986-7 BOC 5th
OSTAR 1984      
Thursday's Child/Kilcullen/Cardiff Discovery Warren Luhrs  Paul Lindenburg/ Bergstrom and Ridder 1984 OSTAR: 1st mono/record 16d 22h; 1985 RBR 1st mono 10d 7h; 1989 New York-San Fran record of 80 days 18 hours;  campaigned in 1990 BOC by Enda O'Coineen; in the VG 1992-3 by Alan Wynne Thomas (retired with injured ribs); in 1994 BOC by Arnet Taylor to 6th place;
BOC Challenge 1986-7      
Credit Agricole III Philippe Jeantot Guy Ribadeau-Dumas 1986-7 BOC Challenge winner 134d 5hr; latterly Mark Gatehouse's Queen Anne's Battery
Ecureuil d'Aquitaine 1/Lada Poch 3/BBV Expo '92/Gartmore  Titouan Lamazou Bouvet-Petit/Couach 1986 1986-7 BOC Challenge 2nd, 1988 C-Star 4th mono; became Loick Peyron's Lada-Poch III for 1989 Vendee; finishing 2nd; then Jose Ugarte's for 1990-1 BOC finishing 9th and 6th in the 1992-3 VG); 1994 BOC campaigned by Josh Hall but abandoned after collision with a container
UAP Pour Medicins Sans Frontieres Jean-Yves Terlain Joubert-Nivelt/Pinta 1986 1986-7 BOC Challenge 3rd, 1988 C-Star 1st mono; unusual geodesic cabintop enclosing the cockpit and gynormous SatCom A antenna; later converted by Terlain into a motorboat; 1989-90 VG dismasted;
C-STAR 1988      
Allied Bank John Martin Angelo Lavranos 1988 C-Star 2nd mono; beamiest of its generation (6m)
Castrol Solo Jose Ugarte   1988 C-Star 3rd mono;
Panic Major Robert Nickerson Robert Nickerson 1988 C-Star, then with Patrice Carpentier in the 1989 VG (retired with autopilot problems)
1989 Vendee Globe      
TBS-Charente Maritime Pierre Follenfant Joubert-Nivelt/Pinta 1989 1989/90 VG 5th; 1992-3 VG sailed by Nigel Burgess, who was lost at sea; 1996-7 VG sailed by Thierry Dubois as Amnesty International - capsized
Generali Concorde/Euskadi Europa 93 Alain Gautier Finot-Conq/Guen-Hemidy 1989 Built in aluminium; 1989-90 VG 6th; 1990-1 BOC 2nd; then with Jose Ugarte in the 1991-2 VG 6th; Iñigo Ortiz de Urbina writes: Generali Concorde/Euskadi Europa 93, she is now exhibited in a dry dock at Bilbao Maritime Museum. More here
Credit Agricole IV Philippe Jeantot Lombard/Jeantot Marine 1989 1989-90 VG 4th; 1990-1 BOC 3rd; 1994 BOC as Mark Gatehouse's QAB retired on leg 1; 1996 VG as Raphael Dinelli's Algimouss capsized, skipper rescued by Pete Goss; D11
Ecureuil d'Aquitaine II Titouan Lamazou Bouvet-Petit/Capitaine Flint 1989 1989-90 VG 1st (109 d 08 h); 1992-3 VG sailed by Bertrand de Broc as Groupe LG (retired with keel problems). 1996-7 VG as Herve Laurent's Groupe LG Traitmat - 3rd;
Duracell Mike Plant Rodger Martin/Plant 1989-90 VG retired 1990-1 BOC 4th; 1992-3 VG retired;
Fleury Michon X Philippe Poupon Philippe Briand/Jeanneau Ketch; VG 89-90 capsized; VG 92-3 3rd despite losing mizzen; 1996 VG with Bertrand de Broc as Votre Nom Autour du Monde capsized; 2004 VG 11th with Anne Liardet as Roxy (boat now a sloop)
Grinaker Bertie Reed Rodger Martin/JJ Provoyeur 1989-90 VG retired with damaged rudder; 1990-1 BOC 8th; 1994-5 BOC as Novell South Africa sailed by JJ Provoyeur to 5th place;
36.15 Met Jean-Luc van den Heede Harle-Mortain/Garcia 1989 Narrow aluminium yawl, 1989 Vendee finished 3rd; 1990-1 BOC sailed by Isabelle Autissier as Ecureuil Poitou Charente to 7th; 1992-3 VG sailed by Bernard Gallay at Vuarnet Watches (retired with rigging problems); 1996 VG sailed by Patrick de Radigues as Afibel - retired; D45
BOC Challenge 1990-1      
Groupe Sceta Christophe Auguin Finot-Conq/Pinta 1990-1 BOC winner (122 d 22h); 1992-3 VG 4th with Yves Parlier as Cacolac; 1996-7 VG 2nd as Credit Immobilier with Marc Thiercelin 
Interox Crusader John Biddlecombe Paul Lucas  
Jarkan Yacht Builders Kanga Birtles John King/Jarkan 1990-1 BOC 5th; 2006 Velux 5 Oceans 3rd as Unai Basurko's Pakea; 2008 VG retired with rudder problems;
Alba Regia Nandor Fa Nandor Fa/Nandor Fa  1990-91 BOC 11th; 1992 VG as K&H Matav 5th; RduR as Eric Dumont's Casino de Etretat dismasted; AA 1998-9 as Fodor Koniukhov's Modern University of the Humanities DSQ.
Vendee Globe 1992-3      
Maiter Coq/Le Monde Informatique Thierry Arnaud Harle-Mortain-Mavrikos/Garcia 1992 1992-3 VG Retired
Global Challenger Tony Bullimore Noble-Smith 1992 Schooner rigged with twin wingmasts. 1992-3 VG Didn't quite make it; 1996/7 capsized, Bullimore dramatically rescue by Australian authorities
K&H Bank-Matav Nandor Fa Nandor Fa/Nandor Fa 1990 1992-3 VG 5th
Bagages Superior Alain Gautier Finot-Conq/CDK 1989 Ketch; 1992-3 VG 1st (110d 2hr); 1996 VG 4th with Eric Dumont as Cafe Legal-Le Gout; 2000 VG still with Dumont as Euroka Un univers de Services - retired with rudder damage; Marek Słodownik writes (7/11/12) "was under Polish flag Operon Racing during last Velux 5 Oceans, now she is Energa 2, staying in Sopot, Poland"
PRB / Solo Nantes Jean-Yves Hasselin Paul Lucas/Alu Marine 1991 1992-3 VG 7th place
Everlast/Neil Pryde Sails Vittorio Malingri Vittorio Malingri/Coop Nautica Monteforzio 1992 1992-3 VG lost rudder and retired; 
Fujicolor III Loick Peyron Bouvet-Petit/MAG France Fitted with a forward canard; 1992-3 VG retired with hull delam;
Coyote Mike Plant Rodger Martin/Concordia Marine Mike Plant lost delivering the boat to the 1992-3 VG start; 1994-5 BOC Challenge 4th with Dave Scully
Groupe SAFAP-Helvim Jean-Luc van den Heede Harle-Mortain/CDK VDH's second surprisingly fast D30pencil-thin yawl; 1992-3 VG 2nd; 1994 BOC 3rd; VG 1996-7 6th with Catherine Chabaud as Whirlpool-Europe 2 (first woman to complete the VG); 2000 VG 10th with Joe Seeten as Nord-pas-de-Calais/Chocolats du Monde; 2004 VG 13th with Karen Leibovici as Benefic;
Ville de Cherbourg Halvard Mabire Joubert-Nivelt-Mabire/Halvard Mabire 1992 1993 Round Europe Race 1st; 1994 TwoSTAR 1st; 1994 Route du Rhum lost due to keel failure
BOC Challenge 1994-5      
Sceta Calberson Christophe Auguin Finot-Conq/JMV 1994 1994 BOC 1st ; 1996 VG 1st renamed Geodis; 2000 VG 8th with Bernard Gallay as Voila.fr; 2004 Vendee Globe as Herve Laurent's UUDS retired into Cape Town with rudder problems; 2005 TJV 7th;
Hunter's Child Warren Luhrs/Steve Pettengill B&R Design-Hunter Design Team/Paragon Composites 1988 1994 BOC 2nd
Ecureuil Poitou-Charentes 2 Isabelle Autissier Berret/Pinta 1994 First canting keel 60; 1994 BOC emphatically won leg 1 but sank leg 2
Vendee Globe 1996-7      
PRB Isabelle Autissier Finot-Conq/Pinta 1996 1996 VG broke rudder; 1998 Around Alone capsized mid-Pacific, skipper rescued by Giovanni Soldini
Aquitaine Innovations Yves Parlier Finot-Conq/Eluere 1996 First wingmast with deck spreaders; 1996 VG broke rudder; 2000 VG a very impressive 13th after dismasting, Parlier then rebuilding the wingmast, restepping it and continuing...; 2008 VG as Yannick Bestaven's Energies Autour du Monde - dismasted;
Budapest Nandor Fa Nandor Fa/Nandor Fa 1996 Block and tackle operated canting keel; 1996 VG retired after collision; 2000 VG with Raphael Dinelli as Sogal Extenso retired with broken rudder; 2004 VG 12th with Dinelli as Akena Verandas; 2008 VG 10th; 
Club 60eme Sud Didier Munduteguy Phil Morrison/Rowsell & Morrison 1990 Originally as Richard Tolkien's ENIF came 6th in 1992 OSTAR. With DM: 1996 VG dismasted; 2000 VG 14th; VG 2000 10th with Benoit Parnaudeau as Max Havelaar-Best Western; 
Groupe LG 2 Jerry Roufs Finot-Conq/MAG-JMV 1995 1996 VG Roufs lost mid-Pacific. Boat later found in Chile upturned
Around Alone (ex BOC Challenge) 1998-99      
Fila Giovanni Soldini Finot-Conq 1998 AA 1st; 2006 Velux 5 Oceans 4th as Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's SAGA Insurance
Somewhere Marc Thiercelin Finot-Conq/JMV 1998 1998 AA 2nd; 2000 VG 4th as Active Wear; 2004 VG 8th with Joe Seeten as Arcelor-Dunkerque; 2005 TJV 9th;
Group 4 Securitas Mike Golding Finot-Conq/JMV 1998 1998 AA retired; 2000 VG 7th dismasted soon after the start and restarted; 2004 VG 7th with Conrad Humphreys as Hellomoto; 
Gartmore Josh Hall Finot-Conq/JMV 1998 1998 AA retired; 2000 VG 9th; 4th 2002 AA with Emma Richards as Pindar; 2008 VG as Steve White's Toe in the Water finished 8th;
Project Amazon Sebastian Reidl Sponberg Twin wingmasted schooner; AA 1998 didn't make it...
Petit Navire Chapalain/Blancken/Vittet Joubert-Nivelt/MAG France 1998 Unstayed canting wingmast...which fell down... Designed for fully crewed racing and record breaking
Vendee Globe 2000-1      
PRB Michel Desjoyeaux Finot-Conq, Lombard deck 2000 VG 1st (93d 3hr 57m); 2004 VG 1st with Vincent Riou as skipper (87d 10h 47m); 2005 TJV 8th; 2007 TJV 10th as Sam Davies' Roxy; 2008 VG 4th; Marek Słodownik writes: "Now is FRUIT, under  Polish flag. Chris Owczarek tried to start this edition of Vendee Globe but stopped his project in early September."
Kingfisher Ellen MacArthur Humphreys-Owen Clarke/ 2000 VG 2nd; 2002 Route du Rhum 1st; 2004 VG as Nick Moloney's Skandia lost keel off Brazil; 2005 TJV 5th as Skandia; 2007 BWR 5th as Educacion Sin Fronteras with Albert Bargues and Servane Escoffier; 2010 BWR 8th as Gerard Marin and Ludovic Aglaor's Forum Maritim Catala;
Sill Roland Jourdain Lombard 2000 VG 3rd/ 2004 VG as Alex Thomson's Hugo Boss retired into Cape Town with hole in deck;  2006 Velux 5 Oceans boat abandoned after keel trouble in the Southern Ocean
Union Bancaire Privee Dominique Wavre Owen Clarke 2000 VG 5th; 2004 VG 4th as Temenos; 2006 Velux 5 oceans 2nd as Kojiro Shiraishi's Spirit of Yukoh
Sodebo Thomas Coville Finot-Conq 2000 VG 6th; 2004 VG 5th with Seb Josse as VMI; 2006 RduR 4th as Armel le Cleac'h's Brit Air; 2008 VG 7th as Arnaud Boissieres' Akena Verandas; VG 2012 entered at Alessandro di Benedetto's Team Plastique; 
Whirlpool Catherine Chabaud Lombard/MAG 1998 2000 VG dismasted; 2002 AA 3rd with Simone Bianchetti as Tiscali; 2004 VG with Marc Theircelin as Pro-Form stopped in New Zealand to fix technical problems; 2005 TJV 6th; V5O 2010 1st as Brad van Liew's Le Pingouin; 2012 VG now Tanguy de La Motte's Initiatives-coeur;
Solidaires Thierry Dubois Joubert-Nivelt 2000 VG retired with electronics problems; 2002 Around Alone 2nd; VG 2004 with Patrice Carpentier as VM Materiaux broke boom and stopped in Cape Town; VG 2008 as Rich Wilson's Great American III finished 9th; 
Old Spice Javier Sanso Ricard Teixido/ 2000 VG retired. Iñigo Ortiz de Urbina writes: The yacht was initially built for Albert Bargues (as Mundus), but he run out of money, and was later purchased by Javier Sansó, who had to reinforce the structure significantly (was too flexy, built mainly with glass and only carbon reinforcements). More here...
Armor-Lux/Foies Gras Bizac Bernard Stamm Pierre Rolland/Stamm 2000 2000 VG retired with pilot problems, but set new W-E transat record as consolation prize; 2002 Around Alone 1st as Bobst Group Armor-Lux; 2006 Velux 5 Oceans 1st as Cheminees Poujoulat; 2010 BWR 9th as We Are Water with Jaume Mumbru and Cali Sanmarti; Marek Słodownik writes: was recently bought by an Estonian sailor and is being prepared for Vendee Globe 2016
Around Alone 2002      
Ocean Planet Bruce Schwab Tom Wylie/Schooner Creek Boat Work 2001 2002 AA 5th; 2004 VG 9th; 
Hexagon Graham Dalton Owen-Clarke 2002 AA retired leg 3; bought by Artemis Ocean Racing; 2006 RduR 6th with Brian Thompson; 2007 TJV retired;
 Artech 60 Jean-Baptiste Dejanty  Artech/ 2002  2005 TJV;
Vendee Globe 2004-5      
Bonduelle Jean le Cam Lombard/JMV 2004 2004 VG 2nd; 2005 TJV 3rd; 2006 RduR 2nd; 2007 TJV as VMI 4th; 2008 VG lost keel off Cape Horn, le Cam rescued
Ecover 2 Mike Golding Owen Clarke/Southern Ocean Marine 2003 2004 The Transat 1st; 2004 VG 3rd (despite no keel bulb); 2005 TJV 4th; 2006 Velux 5 Oceans retired;  2007 BWR 4th with Javier Sanso and Pachi Riviero; 2010 BWR as Central Lechera Asturiana - retired; 
Virbac Jean-Pierre Dick Farr/Cookson 2003 2004 VG 6th; 2005 TJV 1st with Loick Peyron; 2006 RduR 3rd; 2007 TJV as Bertard Stamm's Cheminees Poujoulat 3rd; 2008 VG destroyed on Kerguelens; 
Sill & Veolia Roland Jourdain  Lombard/JMV 2004 2004 VG retired with keel problems ; design updated by Juan K; 2005 TJV 2nd with Ellen Mac; 2006 RdeR 1st; 2007 BWR retired as Veolia Environnement; 2008 VG lost keel retired to the Azores; 2009 TJV 6th; 2010 BWR 5th as Boris Herrmann and Ryan Breymaier's Neutrogena; 2012 VG now Sam Davies' Saveol; 
Austria One Norbert Sedlacek Nivelt/Garcia 1995/2003 Original Zen, built with a tandem keel..; 2004 VG retired with keel problems; 2008 VG 11th (last); 
Barcelona World Race 2007-8      
Paprec-Virbac 2 Jean-Pierre Dick Farr Fitted with a transom flap similar to an interceptor; 2007 BWR 1st; 2008 VG broke rudder; 2010 BWR 4th as Alex Pella and Pepe Ribes' Estrella Damm; 
Hugo Boss Alex Thomson Finot-Conq/Neville Hutton 2007 Twin cabintop, aft cockpit layout; 2007 BWR 2nd; 2008 VG damaged prior to the start and then holed; 2012 VG racing as Zbigniew Gutkowski's Energa; 
Estrella Damm Guillermo Altadill Farr 2007 BWR retired; 2008 VG as Seb Josse's BT retired with broken rudder; 2010 RdeR 1st as Roland Jourdain's Veolia Environnement; 2011 TJV 2nd; 2012 VG entered as Alex Thomson's Hugo Boss
PRB Vincent Riou Farr/CDK 2006 Sistership to Delta Dore; 2007 BWR retired; 2008 VG 3rd after redress; 2009 TJV 7th now as Arnaud Boissieres' Akena Verandas; 2010 RdeR 7th; 2011 TJV dismasted; 
Temenos II Dominique Wavre Owen-Clarke 2006 2006 RdeR 5th; 2007 Calais RBI 4th; 2007 BWR 3rd; 2008 VG retired with keel damage; 2010 BWR as Mirabaud, retired; 2011 TJV 8th; 
Delta Dore Jeremie Beyou Farr/JMV 2006 2007 Calais RBI 2nd; Sistership to PRB; 2007 BWR retired; 2008 VG retired with spreader problems; 2011 TJV 7th now as Louis Burton's Bureau Vallee; 
Vendee Globe 2008-9      
Foncia Michel Desjoyeaux Farr/CDK 2007 2007 TJV 1st; 2008 VG 1st (84d 3hr 9m); 2009 TJV 4th; 2010 BWR 2nd as Iker Martinez and Xabi Fernandez' Mapfre; 2012 VG entered as Jeremie Beyou's Maitre Coq; 
Gitana Eighty Loick Peyron Farr/Southern Ocean Marine 2007 2007 TJV 8th; 2008 Artemis Transat 1st; 2008 VG dismasted; 2010 BWR 3rd as Pachi Rivero and Antonio Piris' Renault ZE Sailing Team; VG 2012 racing as Jean le Cam's SynerCiel
Ecover III Mike Golding Owen Clarke/Hakes Marine 2007 2007 TJV 5th; 2008 VG dismasted; 2009 TJV 3rd; 2010 BWR as Jean le Cam and Bruno Garcia's President - dismasted; 2011 TJV 9th; 2012 VG entered as Gamesa; 
Groupe Bel Kito de Pavant VPLP Verdier/Indiana Yachting 2007 2007 TJV 6th; 2008 VG dismasted; 2009 TJV 2nd; 2010 BWR retired; 2011 TJV 5th; 
Safran Marc Guillemot VPLP Verdier 2007 2007 TJV 2nd; 2008 VG 3rd (finished without keel bulb); 2009 TJV 1st; 2010 RduR 3rd; 2011 TJV 6th; 2012 VG fitted with a titanium keel foil; 
Generali Yann Elies Finot-Conq 2007 2007 TJV 9th; 2008 VG retired with fractured femur
Bahrain Team Pindar Brian Thompson Juan K 2007 2008 VG 5th; 2010 BWR 7th as Hugo Boss sailed by Wouter Verbraak and Andy Meiklejohn; Still owned by Alex Thomson Racing and corporate sailing around the globe
BritAir Armel le Cleac'h Finot-Conq/Multiplast 2007 2007 TJV 7th; 2008 VG 2nd; 2010 RdeR 2nd; 2012 VG now Bertrand de Broc's Votre Nom autour du Monde avec EDM Projets; 
DCNS Marc Theircelin Finot-Conq 2008 2008 VG dismasted; 2010 RdeR with Christopher Pratt skipper 8th; 2011 TJV retired;
Aviva Dee Caffari Owen Clarke/Hakes Marine 2007 2007 TJV 14th; 2008 VG 6th; 2010 BWR 6th with Dee and Anna Corbella; 
Groupe Maisonneuve Jean-Baptiste Dejanty Lavranos 2005 Ex-Walter Antunes' Galileo; 2006 RduR 9th; 2008 VG retired with misc breakage; 2009 TJV 8th; 
Artemis Ocean Racing Jonny Malbon Rogers 2008 2008 VG: Retired with delaminating mainsail; 2009 TJV 10th with Sam Davies and Sidney Gavignet; 
Spirit of Canada Derek Hatfield Owen Clarke 2006 2008 VG: Retired with broken spreaders
Barcelona World Race 2010-11      
Virbac Paprec 3 Jean-Pierre Dick VPLP-Verdier/Cookson 2010 2010 RduR 4th; 2010 BWR 1st; 2011 TJV 1st; 
Foncia Michel Desjoyeaux VPLP-Verdier/Mer Agitee-CDK 2010 Convex deck; V config boards; 2010 RduR 6th; 2010 BWR retired with broken mast top; 2011 TJV 3rd; 2012 VG racing as Armel le Cleac'h Banque Populaire; 
Vendee Globe 2012-3      
MACIF Francois Gabart VPLP-Verdier/Mer Agitee-CDK 2011 Sistership to Foncia/Banque Populaire; 2011 TJV 4th; Transat B2B 2011 1st; 
PRB Vincent Riou VPLP-Verdier/CDK 2010 2010 RdeR 5th; 2011 TJV retired; 2011 Transat B2B 3rd; 2012 Europa Warm-up 1st; 
Acciona 100% EcoPowered Javier Sanso Owen-Clarke/Southern Ocean Marine 2011 Fully alternative energy powered; 
Cheminees Poujoulat Bernard Stamm Juan K/Decision 2011 2011 TJV holed and near sank north of the Azores; 


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