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Help us locate Whitbread/Volvo Ocean Race boats of the past...

Wednesday August 24th 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

Academic exercise, piece of historical research, unadulterated anorakery, and now of use to the Volvo Ocean Race as they plan to hold an exhibition about past race competitors at the finish of the 2014-5 race in Gothenberg...

If any readers have information about the whereabouts of the boats that have taken part in the fully crewed round the world race over the last 41 years - please email us here. 

Sayula 2 (winner) - Swan 65 Fine story. Still owned by Ramon Carlin and cruised around Mexico
Adventure - Nicholson 55 from 'Longy' 14/7/10: "...seen out in Hawaii mid 1980s, owned by Arapoff. Might still be out there. New name, don't remember." From Ben Peter (23/7/10): Was used as a joint Service training vessel sailing from HMS Dolphin in the late 90s. From John Spottiswood 10/8/10: Adventurer was given by the JSSC to the Russian Navy a few year back I understand
Grand Louis - 60ft staysail schoner  16/1/16: "Staysail schooner Grand Louis is located in Honolulu,Hawaii owned and skippered by Gerard Henry"
Guia - Georgio Falck 45ft sloop From Andrew Troup (2/10/12): This was the first of a succession of at least four owned by Italian steel magnate Giorgio Falck. Guia (the original Sparkman and Stephens RTW boat) is in good condition, as shown here. She has been racing under the same ownership since 1998 on the Med Classic circuit, and is currently listed for sale. Guia III did not make it to a Whitbread, having sunk mid-Atlantic after being hit by multiple whales while being skippered in a race by an erstwhile acquaintance of mine, Jérôme Poncet, who told the amusing anecdote of waking to a boat chock full of Italians stampeding to and fro, shouting "Balena, Balena !!!"
Kriter - Auzepy-Brenneur 68  Spent 17 years unloved and untouched in Newport, RI before returning to French ownership and a full restoration program. More here
Great Britain II - 77ft Alan Gurney design. Competed in first five Whitbreads: 1981 United Friendly, 1985 Norsk Data GB, 1989 With Integrity. John Burnie writes (11/7/10): Saw this yacht in Horta in June this year as we passed through. She is now in private ownership and called Whitbread Heritage. Read more about her here. From Mark Watkins (15/7/10): I was in fact on Whitbread Heritage (formerly GBII) on the delivery trip from Antigua to Lymington via Horta back in May / June. The boat has been in private ownership for many years now, the current owner having had it for approximately 12 years. She spent Xmas in the Canaries then went over to the Caribbean in January until May. She’ll be in the Solent for the next few months (Cowes I think) & will be doing corporate hospitality for Cowes Week this year. I think the plan is to then head out to the Med for the Winter & beyond that I’m not sure!
Second Life - Roddie Ainslie's Ocean 71  Roddy Ainslie writes: "Second life was used as a sort of poor mans charter boat for a year or two after the 73-74 race then finally sold to an American who spent a fair amount on the interior, some new sails etc and then the new owner cruised her around the Med for a while. She was later seen moored in Chesaspeake Bay. The next time I heard of her was some years later, it was rumoured that she had been sold by the American Government having been caught drug running. Then about five years ago I understand she sank in the Caribbean having taken on a lot of water very suddenly, Fortunately no one was hurt."
British Soldier (ex British Steel) 59ft  
CS & RB - 50ft ketch  
Tauranga. Swan 55 From Phil Aikenhead  (13/7/10) owned by Don Wood and named Gandalf Wight Sourcer. Sold a few years ago not sure to whom but Don would know
Copernicus - 45ft ketch  Marek 'Goly' Galkiewicz (Mateusz Kusznierewicz Star Olympic campaign preparator) writes (13/7/10): She is still sailable, still owned by the same Yacht Klub Stal in Gdynia, Poland. She is in pretty good shape, not much modified from the original, and in the storage we have even sails from Whitbread! Now, working as a charter boat, sail every year on the Nord Sea and Baltic - being our most occupied boat for both club and charter trips. I've already talk with my clubmates to go to Alicante next year! More here
33 Export - Andre Mauric 60 ketch  
Otago - 55ft steel ketch From Marek Slodownik, H2O Magazine, Poland (14/7/10): She was lost in Bjoernoeya Island (Svalbard Archipelago) in August 1976
Peter von Danzig - 55ft steel yawl 13/7/10 rechristened Peter von Seestermühe, owned by Christoph von Reibnitz. More here
Pen Duick VI - Eric Tabarly's André Mauric 73ft   Later Euromarché. Now charters via here
Burton Cutter - John Sharp 80 From Matt Jess (14/7/10). Kriter 2, ESP - private owner - Mallorca. More here
Jakaranda - Swan 56  
Concorde - Auzepy-Brenner 32  
Pen Duick III -17.45m schooner Owned by the Tabarly family and operated via www.club-penduick.com
Flyer 1 - S&S 65+A41 from Dave Cort 13/7/10: is now Alaska Eagle at Orange Coast College in Newport Beach California, USA. Used heavily for ocean crossing training runs, and as escort boat for the Transpac Race. More here. 11/8/14: From Luuk le Clercq - Currently being restored...http://www.flyer-one.nl/en/
King’s Legend - Swan 65  In 1999 bought by Gijs van Liebergen and now available for charter/regattas. In 2010 she is based in the Malta/Sicily area. More here
Traite de Rome - Swan 51  Peter Schell writes 27/10/10: ...is in Belgium at the BRYC in Brussels. She is still owned by the same association "sail for europe" as was the case in 78.
Disque d’Or - Pierre Fehlmann Swan 65  
ADC Accutrac, Clare Francis Swan 65  From Alessandro Menichini (19/9/15): I think 1977 Whitbread Swan 65/009 ADC Accutrac is now named Force 9 and is for sale in Italy. I'm searching a sponsor for buy her and go for the 2017 World ARC.
Gauloises II - 57ft  ex Pen Duick III
Adventure - Nicholson 55  
Neptune - 59ft Mauric sloop  John Burnie writes (11/7/10) Alive and well as Jupiter in Guadeloupe – owned by syndicate, headed by Phillipe Charre based in Pointe a Pitre. Yacht regularly races in local Triskell Cup Series and Round Guadeloupe Race. The vessel even has some of our old Swan spinnakers on board!
B&B Italia - Alan Gurney 54  
33 Export - Andre Mauric 60  
Tielsa, Dirk Nauta - Johan Elsenga 63  From Michael van Vuuren  (21/7/10): s now owned by Dick Ton. Currently on a trip around the world. More here
Great Britain II  - see 1973/4 race
Debenhams - John Ridgeway's Bowman 57  
Japy-Hermes - McCurdy & Rhodes 65 From Monte Clark, Stevensville, Montana 12/1/11: I owned this boat  from around 1999 to 2001. I found her in Sausalito California. A Frenchman had purchased her at a government auction I believe. She had been confiscated by the US government for running drugs is how the story goes. I am not positive about this information. The Frenchman had been living on her for some years in Sausalito. After he died, the family put the boat up for sale. I saw it and purchased it. I had the boat brought up the coast to Seattle Washington. I worked on it a bit there and sailed it very little. I sold it to a Californian who I assume brought it back to California. Not sure of its current location. I have attached two digital files. If you or anyone else is interested I have more pictures of her that I can scan and send. I am so glad you are helping to track down these beautiful pieces of history. Back when boats were beautiful.
Heath’s Condor - 79ft John Sharp design From Andrew Troup (2/10/12): Heath's Condor was renamed Condor of Bermuda (ref wikipedia entry under this name) and later had a cabin added, effectively becoming a cruising/charter yacht. Last seen in 2009 in Thailand.
Flyer 2 - Frers 76 sloop  Nigel King writes (19/7/10): I was aboard her in Grenada in 1989 – 90 prior to her going through the Panama Canal, last I heard she was crushed in an accident in a lock and written off be insurers, don’t know what happened after that or even if that is totally correct information but that was the talk around that time. Matt Jess adds (20/7/10)....it appears that she lives on and there is a link to some photos of her taken in Marmaris last year. 16/10/12
  Richard Bryson writes: Flyer 2 was rebuilt at Derecktors in NY in 1991 or 92, transom revised, lots of new interior, electric winches etc. I worked there at the time
Charles Heidseick III - 66ft Vaton design  
r IX- Andre Viant's Frers 62  
Disque d’Or 3 - Farr 58 (later made more famous as Tracy Edwards' Maiden). Sam Davies (6/7/2010): I saw her in the Seychelles (Eden Island Marina) last Month...... From reader (13/7/10): 1981/82 I sailed Disq d'Or 3 badged as Prestige Krost in the Lisbon to Cape Town Bartolomeu. From Jon Rabey, MD, RiskRecycling Asia/Pacific (24/8/11): "I raced on Maiden during 2000 Tall Ships. She was then owned by Terry Neilsen. I have lost contact with both the boat, and Terry since eearly 2000’s but would love to find out where they are now , indeed if Terry still owns her!"From Jonathan Gill (8/1/13): I spotted a wreck of a yacht with the word MAIDEN written on it at the Eden Island Marina in the Seychelles last week. The hull is painted grey but you can see Royal Blue livery below. I’m no racing yacht expert but the hull seems to be the right size and with two large wheels and twin wrenches for lifting sails appears to have a racing heritage. Also has Welsh Education Department sicker on hull suggesting it has UK origin and has been used in some form of education. Sadly didn’t take a photo... 11/8/14: Tracy Edwards is trying to raise money to restore the yacht. Now in a marina in the Seychelles. http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/maiden-rescue
Outward Bound - Davidson 50  11/8/14: In a shed in Tauranga, NZ. Update from Ken Carter (26/10/14): I can inform you that I own "OutwardBound". I have had her for about 15 years now. The person I bought her off had had her for about the same length of time and had done no maintenance on her so you can imagine what she looked like. I sailed her around the BOP area for a few years just as she was, competed in the women on water series in Tauranga. In that time I completely stripped and re-painted the outside, both above and below water. She is now in a shed and has been completely stripped out ready for re-build. A long and painful process. She will be back on the water and apart from the flag on her hull you won't recognize her. A beautiful boat.
Xargo III - Swan 65.  From John Burnie (13/7/10): This yacht originally owned by Padda Kuttel from South Africa was sold and is now called Nittan. Padda then went on to build and enter Atalntic Privateer (called Portotan for the first leg to CapeTown) Some history here as Tracy Edwards was crew on this second yacht and Paul Stanbridge was the bow on both yachts. Also David Bongers (owner of the original offshore heros) was Captain on both Xargo and Atlantic Privateer - he is still about today as Captain on well known Swan 65 Desperado.
Morbihan - Joubert Nivelt 46 From Dominic de Valera (26/8/11): I saw Morbihan in the marina on Gran Canaria back in 2004 looking a tad unloved and careworn.
Berge Viking - Swan 57 From Matt Jess (20/7/10): Was run as a sail training boat in Norway after the race. Subsequently she was bought by Morten Bergesen, who was CEO of the company that sponsored her in the race.
Alaska Eagle  see Flyer from the previous race
Euromarché  ex-Pen Duick VI - see 1973/4 vrace
Ceramco New Zealand 68ft Farr design From 'Longy' (13/7/10) sold to Newport Bch, CA, becameWinterhawk. Was homeported there for 10-12 yrs then sold to Gulf of Mexico area? From Matt Jess: Now owned by Dianne Masters. 11/8/14: In Trinidad, at Peakes
Skopbank of Finland - Baltic 51  
Rollygo - Frers 51 Believed to be in Rapallo, Italy. More here. From Alessandro del Carlo 14/1/2011 is in Porto Lotti, La Spezia and still takes part to some regattas like Trofeo Pirelli, and centovele   
Traite de Rome - Swan 51  
Corky - Marcel Vankeirs- Bilck 55  
FCF Challenger - Ocean 80.  Became Creighton's Naturally in 1989-90 race. Abandoned in 2000 while on a delivery. Apparently salvaged.
United Friendly  ex Great Britain II - see 1973-4 race
Walross III Berlin - Swan 55 no013.  From Neil Paterson (14/7/10): Originally Jan Pott until the mid-1970s when she became Walross III. Vaguely remember her competing in the DaimlerChrysler North Atlantic Challenge 2003. She is now based in Medemblik, Netherlands and sails as Luchtlooper III.
Licor 43 - Bazan 59 sloop Now called "laisve" and based in Lithuania www.laisvojijura.lt/
Ilgagomma - Alex Carosso 50  
Bubblegum - Bazan 43  
European Uni Belgium - Frers 46  
Gauloises 3 - 62ft Ron Holland sloop  Spotted by Liz Rushell in Sardinia August 2010. Pics here
Save Venice - Scattalin 64  
Vivanapoli - 57ft  
33 Export - Briand 58  
La Barca Laboratorio - Giorgetti/Magrini 65  From Giovanni Ceccareli: I saw the Barca Laboratorio, only the hull and deck, years ago in Cantiere Orioli in Marina di Ravenna, Ravenna, Italy  .
Scandinvian - Swan 57  
L’Esprit d’Equipe - Briand 58 Ex: 33 Export, later L'Esprit de Liberte
Philips Innovator - Judel-Vrolijk 63 From Matt Jess: subsequently Equity & Law 2 (in 1989-90 race) Recently for sale through Broadwater Marine and located in North East USA.
Fazer Finland - Swan 651 From Matt Jess (20/7/10): was converted to a luxury cruiser in 1989, is now called Lady Godiva 3, located in San Diego and for sale. From Chuck Skewes, Manager Ullman Sails (San Diego and Pacific Northwest) 8/10/15: Fazer Finland the Swan 651 in 2014 went through a new refit with a carbon mast and new sail inventory.  It is owned by Dean Fargo and John Chamberlain.  It has been renamed Second Wind. It just won its class in the 2015 Transpac, was 3rd in the Long Beach to Cabo Race and is planning to do the Long Beach to Tahiti Race in 2016.  It is moored in San Diego California.
UBS Switzerland - Farr 80 Became Belmont Finland 2 for 1989-90 race
Rucanor Tristar - Ribadeau-Dumas 58 From Matt Jess (14/7/10): Subsequently Rucanor Sport (in 1989 race). 1991 to present - Tomidi. More here
Fortuna Lights - Visser 62 From Jeanne Renée Hadem (22/10/11): ...is still alive and sailing as training and charterboat of the Base Naútica de la Mar Bella in Barcelona. I did a complete refit in winter 2008/2009, new rig in 2009. The interior design is still the original. She is now called Siesta (her original name) and her homeport is Port Olimpic, Barcelona. We sail her sometimes with the original Spi from 85/86.....(by light winds only cause the spi with the big letters Fortuna light is now nearly transparent...)
Lion New Zealand - Ron Holland 78 Charters out of Auckland.
Drum -  Simon le Bon's 78ft Ron Holland design  Still owned by Sir Arnold Clark and kept on the Clyde.
Equity & Law - Baltic 55 From Paul Scarano and  Victoria Godden (15/7/10): "We are the present owners of S/V Outlaw which was formerly Equity & Law that raced the Whitbread with a Dutch team in 1985-1986. We bought the boat in 1997, refitted and refurbed her at the family boatyard in Albany NY. We have just retired from the daysail charter business in St John, USVI as a Coast Guard certified vessel for 12 passengers, more here. Outlaw is presently for sale and located at Scarano Boats, Albany, N.Y. Phone contact: 340 998 5406.
Cote d’Or - Eric Tabarly 83ft Joubert-Nivelt Since renamed Yorgo and 'for sale 'in the Caribbean.
Shadow of Switzerland - Swan 51  
Norsk Data GB Ex-Great Britain 2 (see 1973-4 race)
SAS Baia Viking - Elvstrom/Kjaerulff 49 From Henrik Riborg (19/2/14): SAS Baia Viking's hull is ts standing on land at the Skipper Jesper Norsk's house in Humlebæk, Denmark
Atlantic Privateer - Farr 80 Perhaps appropriately, was nabbed in 2009 for being used to smuggle hashish. Full story here 24 Nov 11: Hello, I know where is the yacht Atlantic Privateer 85-86. I am the owner and wants to sell it cheaply (same hull). Email: arturesta@tlen.pl
NZI Enterprise - Ron Holland 78 Subsequently Gatorade in 1989-90 race. From Casopis Morsko Prase (27/8/11): ACY N01 is now in Croatia, in Split, out of water and it doesn't seem that it will go back to water. Last race he did was Quebec- St. Malo in 1992. 11/8/14: In Split, Croatia - has been on the hard in a shipyard for quite some time.
Steinlager 2 - Peter Blake's Farr maxi ketch (winner) 84ft Sold to Giorgio Falck and renamed Safilo. Was owned by the Blue Water Academy - more here. But wait, photographer Juerg Kaufmann writes: "Steinlager II is owned by a good friend. He is planning to bring her back to New Zealand. His name is Stefan Detjen living in Lugano. He is very supportive for almost any kind of activities with the boat. There is an important point to consider: the boat is back in his original shape all back to original. After he took here over by the Italians. Stefan Detjen of Big Red Challenge writes: "All correct with Jürg’s information. Blue Water don’t owe any of the boats listed (Steinlager, Amer Sport One). Steinlager 2 will do ARC 2010 and then heading to NZL. We just made a 3000 mile delivery in three weeks from Baltic Sea to Med (Trapani, Sicily) without problems or any damage. From August 1 –10 Steinlager will do a charter from Tunis to Istanbul (5 countries in 10 days). Still sailing strong..." 25/10/10: Currently taking part in Rolex Middle Sea Race. 30/8/11 From Guy Mayger: Saw her in Napoli last week whilst we were on a cruise ship holiday tour of the Med (don't ask!)...seeing Big Red and being cheeky enough to ask whether we could take a look onboard. Delivery crew were very welcoming and my two sons thought it was great. From Mariano Capdevila (6/9/11): ...at this moment is taking part… and leading the Columbus Regatta, from Palos (Huelva) in the south of Spain to La Gomera Island (Canary Islands).  The boat entries with the sponsor’s name: TOYOTA NIPONUBA. From Bruno Cardile (9/1/14) Steinlager 2 returned home to Auckland on 5 May 2012, where she has been bequeathed to the Peter Blake Foundation which has carried out a refit of the boat. 
Fisher & Paykel – Grant Dalton's Farr maxi ketch 82ft  From John Burnie (13/7/10): ...was in Antigua some 18 months ago at the same time as Steinlager. Both yachts were available for charter and failed to sell for Antigua sailing week. What a missed opportunity for a wonderful re-run of these two yachts head to head... From Matt Jess (14/7/10): ESP - Publiespana,Challenge 93, Lanzarote corporate charter. Was for sale through Bach Yachting - owner has sponsorship for 2010 season. From Bernhard Eberstadt (3/9/11): ...was renovated and is around on the Canary Islands of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura available for charter. Saw her from my house the other day - what a sight!
Merit – Farr maxi sloop 80ft Converted to a ketch. According to 'Ihatesailing' has "been sitting in in Trapsa Marina, Palma de Mallorca for the last 4 years. She never moves." Update from Barry Mercer (25/5/15): Merit is sitting in Burriana Nova  marina in Spain, not far from Valencia. She is unused and looking very sad, and is for sale, still ketch rigged. I have just moved to this Marina on my own boat.
She has been here for at least 18 months .
Rothmans – Humphreys maxi sloop 80ft From Matt Jess: SWE - Very Bright, Europolitan, then Rothmans - www.rothmanssailing.com (but site down).
The Card – Farr maxi ketch 80ft 12/7/10: based up in Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia. 11/8/14: Was wrecked in a storm in Queensland in 2010. Peter Buckley writes (11/8/14): I sailed “The Card” in the 1998 Sydney to Hobart (the windy one!) we covered the yellow hull in blue and called it Nokia.. blew up 6 spinnakers on the first night downhill in 55 knts then we didn’t need them after that anyway! the old ketch was pretty tough old bus making the finish..
Charles Jourdain – Ribadeau-Dumas 72ft sloop Subsequently rebuilt as Ludde Indvall's transat record breaker Nicorette. From Matt Jess: then RX Sight, SWE - Royal Blue. 11/8/14: Still called Royal Blue, owned by Swedes and based in Alicante
Fortuna Extra Lights – Visiers maxi sloop 77ft  Modified and enlarge by Lawrie Smith for 1993-4 race. From Matt Jess (14/7/10): Modified as luxury cruiser and racing in Superyacht Cup, Palma 2010.
Gatorade  ex-NZI Enterprise (see 1985-6 race).
Union Bank of Finland - Ludde Ingvall's Joubert-Nivel 82ft design BOC/Vendee winner Christophe Auguin had her for charter during 1990s. 2014: 
 last seen in Marseille being used as a floating hotel!
Belmont Finland II - Farr 80 Ex-UBS Switzerland (1985-6 race)
Fazisi – Vlad Murnikov 83ft maxi sloop  Now based in the mid-West, USA. Willie Lynch writes: "Fazizi is in Chicago, owned by the Polish Sailing Association, currently getting a mini refit in preperation for this year's Chicago to Mackinac Race." 11/8/14: In Bay End Marine, Brooklyn. More here.
NCB Ireland - Ron Holland sloop 81ft Willie Lynch (13/7/10) along with Martela were or still are charter boats in Bahamas. I worked on NCB while she was in Greece then named Athina. Ben Cooper from Berthon writes: Sold to Caribbean Syndicate through Berthon and used for corporate match racing against Martella. Now for sale and lying ashore in Trinidad. From Matt Jess: Refit by Greg Peck - Rocket Yachts in 2001.
British Satquote Defender – Martin Francis maxi sloop 81ft 12/7/10: based up in Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia.
Liverpool Enterprise - Farr 80 (ex-Atlantic Privateer - see 1985-6 race)
Martela OF - Frers 80 From Marek Slodownik, H2O Magazine, Poland (14/7/10): later Uruguay Natural (Whitberead Race 1993-94), then Maxima (Round Ireland class winner late 1990s). From 1998 or 99 she was Lodka Bols under the Polish flag and used for the promotion of charter company Bols Sport Travel. Gotland Runt (2000) and Sydney to Hobart (2001), later sold to Ireland and make the local record around Ireland. 11/8/14:
  In Trinidad, on the hard and for sale 
Equity & Law II - Judel-Vroiljk 63 Ex Phillips Innovator (1985-6 race)
Esprit de Liberte - Briand 58 Ex L'Esprit d'Equipe (1985-6 race)
Maiden - Farr 58 Ex Disque d'Or (see 1981-2 race). Made famous by Tracy Edwards
Schlussel von Bremen - Judel-Vrolijk 63  
Poste - Beneteau 51  
Rucanor Sport - Ribadeau-Dumas 58 Ex-Rucanor Tristar (1985-6 race)
Creightons Naturally - Ocean 80 Ex-FCF Challenger (1981-2 race). Barry Mercer writes 26/9/2010: 'Creightons Naturally on which I completed the 1989 Whitbread is now based in South Africa where she is owned by a dentist apparently.' Barry Mercer updates us 25/10/2010: Now co-owned by a certain Nick Davis. Berthed in the River Gate Marina, Brisbane, Australia prior to re-fit. Extensive plans for future operations - see website "Oceanstory.org." Previously had been docked in Sydney for 2 years. Update from Christina Palmer 23/1/17: We bought the boat from Customs NZ in December 2015 and are currently doing a full refit on her. At this stage we are intending to set sail again in 2018 as a converted cruiser, looking at doing kitesurf/surf expeditions. www.camarasailing.com  Facebook: @camarasailing
With Integrity  Ex Great Britain II -(1973/4 race)
NZ Endeavour – Farr maxi ketch (winner) 85t From Bill Reilly (13/7/10): listed in Yachting World magazine as 'for sale in Elba'. More here. Mike Watson confirms: "Yes New Zealand Endeavour is for sale in Norway along with La Poste. They were used for corporate entertainment.
Merit Cup – Farr maxi ketch 85ft Destroyed by fire in La Ciotat in 2000 or so
La Poste – Farr maxi ketch 85ft Sold a few months ago - she had been run by the same company which has New Zealand Endeavour. Spotted in Elba 22/10/11 here. From Daniele Casta (30/1/12): She's now involved in social projects with WWF and AIPD (www.aipd.it) Willing to partecipate in Barcolana 2012 with a  special crew: 8 people with Down syndrome. More here. Actually filming a documentary on this challenge, began in 2009, They're still finding some sponsors or support.
Urugary Natural -  Ex-Martella OF (1989-90 race)
Fortuna – Lawrie Smith's maxi white elephant  Modified from 1989/90 race
Yamaha 2 - (Farr W060 winner) Based in Newport Beach, CA
Intrum Justitia – Farr W60  Ian Findlay (13/7/10): is now chartering out of Ocean Village as Blue box Sailing's Whitbread 60 Blueprint. More here
Galicia 93 Pescanova – Farr W60 From Matt Jess: SWE - EF Racing training boat, ESP - private ownership - last seen in Vigo.
Winston – Brad Butterworth Farr W60 Skippered (in a rash moment) by Alinghi's Brad Butterworth. From Matt Jess: NOR - Kvaerner Racing (training boat), SWE - Nilorn (2003 VBR), VOR management, AUS modified and lengthened out of class. Possibly at Noakes Boatyard. From Dick Dastardly: The boat (as of 12/07/10) is sitting on a mooring off Woolwich in upper Sydney Harbour. Peter Buckley writes (11.8.14): I skippered this in - I think after we stretched it to 80+ feet with a giant fixed sprit and a bigger sugar scoop and 2 mtrs on the boom… delaminated the bow in Bass Straight and retired ..it is still on a mooring in Sydney Harbour untouched since then!!!
Tokio – Farr W60.  Ben Cooper writes: "Sold to Spanish Syndicate through Berthon. Used as Charter business. Now in Spain, Barcelona I think." From Matt Jess: "FRA - Corum Meteorite, UK - Scotland corporate, FRA - Private owner. ESP - Sold to a consortium, possibly in Barcelona."
Tokio 2 - Swarbrick W60 Ben Cooper writes: "Was Zest of Belgium. Now back to Tokio 2 and for sale through Berthon in Valencia." Ville Voltti writes (11/8/14): Tokio II is nowadays based in Helsinki, Finland and running a successfull charter business and racing. www.oceanrace60.fi We also take part in offrshore races in the Baltic Sea area.
Brooksfield – Petit-Bouvet W60.  From Georgio (14/7/2010): "Brooksfield was owned by Dusan Puh from Slovenia and renamed Veliky Viharnik, lightened and modified to compete in all the North Adriatic Open races." From Rok Poropat (25/8/11): "... is in Slovenia now called Veliki Viharnik and owned by Telekom Slovenia - Mobitel (www.mobitel.si )"
Hetman Sahaidachny – W60 From Matt Jess (14/7/10): ITA - Chica Boba 2000. Last known location - Italy.
Dolphin & Youth - Humphreys W60.  From Matt Jess: UK - Sussex Challenge, Silk Cut Racing, various private owners, JPN - various private owners
Heineken - Farr W60  Ex-Yamaha 1. From Matt Jess: USA - US Women's Challenge(1993), NZL - Heineken (1993), UK - Viper, SWE - Swedish Match, Very Bright, DEN - Nokia, Stofanet, vo60.dk, NOR - Pontona Youth, AUT - Cuba Libre, ESP - Cantabria Infinita, SLO - Cuba . Recently sold - was advertised through Bach Yachting.
Odessa – W60 From Matt Jess: in private ownership in Istanbul, Turkey
EF Language – Paul Cayard, Farr W60.  According to 'DickDastardly' both EF boats are based in Sydney Harbour. More here. Latest here (10/11/10): This is now owned by www.hongkongyachting.com, and is used for chartered days out and pleasure cruises
EF Education – Christine Guillou, Farr W60 "
Merit Cup – Grant Dalton, Farr W60  From Nicholas Donnelly 13/7/10: she was upgraded to VO60 rules and used as the training boat for the Tyco campaign in 2001. She was then bought by Windward Sailing on the IOW and renamed Venom. I think they still own her - she is presently (well, was certainly a couple of weeks ago) ashore at Endeavour Quay in Gosport. Leo Rodriguez update 19/3/12: Merit 97-98 was a 2 boat campaign, boat 1 was used by Newscorp as a training boat for 2001 race. It was later sold to a swedish owner and renamed yess, later purchased by Australian businessman and renamed Line 7, she is now racing again as Merit in Sydney and the Australian east Coast after an extensive refit for the new owners, Leo Rodriguez and Ian Bishop.
Swedish Match - Gunnar Krantz, Farr W60.  Pierre Charron writes (14/7/10): is now in Québec City under the name of Océan Phénix and is operated by Georges Leblanc who uses it for training seminars. Pierre Charron writes (29/10/14): Until recently was Ocean obut has been renamed Esprit de Corps II and still owned by Georges Leblanc and used for training seminar. Has been recently joined by Brunel Synergy, now renamed Esprit de Corps III for the same purpose, also by George Leblanc who is now affiliated with Le Groupe Esprit de Corps. 31/5/15 Spotted in Quebec by Pierre Charron pic here
Innovation Kvaerner - Knut Frostad, Farr W60.  From Matt Jess (14/7/10): SWE - Atea, UK -Innovation. Sank circa 2005.
Silk Cut – Lawrie Smith, Farr W60  Bought by SEB as their training boat for the next race. Then sold and renamed Pleomax, based in Sweden and owned by Harm Prins. Michael van Vuuren (20/7/10: She is based in The Netherlands (Vlissingen) and for sale by de Valk. More here. 21/7/15: Michiel Goegebeur advises - now chartering in the Netherland with Hans Bouscholte and called BouDragon. http://oceanrace.academy/
Chessie Racing – Farr W60 -  Now called AAG Big One. From Marko Murtic (16/8/11): "i just want to mention that ex chessieracing Vo60 is in Croatia and is for sale by the owner Marko Murtic..." Marko Murtic, owner from 2003, writes (21/7/12): "The boat has been overhauled and ready for more regattas. It was for sale, but we decided to keep her..."
Toshiba - Farr W60 Located in the Baltic Sea (Warnemünde/Rostock) and owned by Speedsailing. More here
Brunel Sunergy – W60.  From Matt Jess 14/7/10: NED - Was owned by Messink Yachting. Currently for sale through Netherlands Tax and Revenue. From Michael van Vuuren (20/7/10): An shore in Ymuiden- Netherlands, and for sale. 15/3/12 Bought by Robbert Kuiper from the Netherlands. 31/5/15 Spotted in Quebec under the name Esprit de Corps by Pierre Charron pic here
America's Challenge – Andrews W60  Based in Newport Beach, CA. Owned by Dr Neil Barth
Amer Sports One – Mani Frers VO60  Now owned by the Blue Water Academy - more here. Michael Visser writes (28/2/15): Amer Sport One is owned by Canadian round the world sailor Derek Hatfield. It is operated as Spirit of adventure ( by Ocean Challenges / Spirit of Canada ). Contact us at sail@spiritofcanada.net or by phone at +1-902-529-2626. The boat is being used for charters. I have sailed this boat twice in the RORC 600 2014 and the RORC Transatlantic 2014
Amer Sports Too - Farr VO60 Giorgio Cecchinato writes (19/7/10): "contrary to what was written previous,  she is not ashore in La Spezia, but she is docked in Monfalcone and available for charter."
Assa Abloy (training boat) – Farr VO60.  From Marek Slodownik, H2O Magazine, Poland (14/7/10): She was Bank BPH in fully crewed non-stop round the world record attempt by Roman Paszke and a Polish crew in 2004. Not succesfully, technical problems, broken boom near South Africa. In the same time Assa Abloy race boat was used as a promo stand of the Paszke's attempt at Old Town in Warsaw. Update from Marek Słodownik (10 Sept 2014): Ambersail / Lithuanian-Baltic Team:  project, Ambersail  is headed by Lithuanian skipper Simonas Steponavicius. They using this boat worldwide and started in different regattas like Rolex Sydney to Hobart, Carribean series, etc. Dismasted in 2013. Now probably in Lietuania
Assa Abloy (race boat) – Neal Macdonald's Farr VO60 -  Became Hugo Boss 2 and since sold to Bahrain Team Pindar for use in Bahrain with former News Corp
djuice dragons race boat - Knut Frostad's Davidson VO60  12/7/10 now Southern Excellence and based on Sydney Harbour.
djuice dragons training boat - Davidson VO60  12/7/10 Now Project Racing - doing charter work out of Ocean Village, Southampton, UK. Now for sale through Berthon. More here.
Illbruck Challenge – John Kostecki's Farr VO60 (winner) Now Glashaeger, located in the Baltic Sea and owned by Speedsailing. More here
Team News Corp – Jez Fanstone's Farr VO60  Now Bahrain Team Pindar VO60 operating out of Bahrain. Famous for its involuntary 'holiday in Iraq' in December 2009. 
Team SEB – Gunnar Krantz' Farr VO60 Now Rostocker, located in the Baltic Sea and owned by Speedsailing. More here
Team Tyco – Kevin Shoebridge's Farr VO60  From Nicholas Donnelly 13/7/10: Was bought by Hamish Oliphant, renamed Spirit, and run for a couple of years as a charter project under the company Pure Sailing. She was subsequently used (not sure if sold, or chartered) as a training boat for ABN AMRO Two in 2005. Not sure what happened to her after that. From Jurian Rademaker (15/7/10): Former Team Tyco was sold from Hamish Oliphant to Team Heiner and raced the France to Congo race as VOR preparation for the ABN AMRO 2 crew. During the VOR the boat was used as promotion/hospitality boat in various stopovers in Europe. (Branded in ABN AMRO colors). The boat is now part of the fleet of Team Heiner and based in Portimao Portugal, which is the former training base of Team ABN AMRO. The boat is available for (race) charter. More www.teamheiner.com
ABN AMRO One - Mike Sanderson's Juan K VO70 (winner) Became Delta Lloyd in 2008-9 race. Michael van Vuuren writes (20/07/10): ...is back with Ger O'Rourke in Limerick Ireland. She left Ymuiden in The Netherlands at the beginning of june 2010. Before that she was used for Company Sailing from Delta Loyd. I enjoyed sailing on her the 1st of april 2010. From Ross O'Leary of MGM Boats: 25/8/11 "Ex ABN AMBRO Ex Delta Llyod is now for sale with us, at a very competitive price.Currently lying in Gosport, but on the move soon. Seriously for sale offers invited asking 800k euro + VAT."
ABN AMRO Two - Seb Josse's Juan K VO70  Sold to Puma as training boat before 2008-9 race. 8/1/16 Jan Høvik writes: "...spotted on the dry in Abu Dhabi, Nov 2015. Parts of the boat (keel, mast etc) scattered around her
Brasil1 – Torben Grael's Farr VO70 Michael van Vuuren advises (20/7/10): Currently for sale with Bach Yachting (www.bach.nl), she was used as a training boat for team Telefonica for the 2008/2009 race. She is modified with twin rudders. Campbell Field writes (23/7/10): Brazil 1 that was the telefonica training boat fell over in her cradle in a 60+ kt storm in Alicante in Feb 08. I believe is a total write off...
Brunel - Grant Warrington's Don Jones VO70 Sold to CYCA Commodore Matt Allen and is now Ichi Ban
Ericsson Racing Team – Neal MacDonald's Farr VO70. Ben Cooper writes: "Sold to Slovenian team through Berthon. Now called E1."
movistar – Bouwe Bekking's Farr VO70  Somewhere at the bottom of the North Atlantic. Sunk during race - all crew recovered
Pirates of the Caribbean – Paul Cayard's Farr VO70 Michael van Vuuren (20/7/10: Owned by the Volvo Ocean Management. The last time I saw here was during the stopover in Galway, where she was in Puma colors. Before that she was rented from Volvo by team Mean Machine with Peter de Ridder to be the training vessel in their attemps to set up a 2008/2009 campaign.
Ericsson 3 - Anders Lewander's Juan K VO70  Now owned by Fiat boss John Elkann/Giovanni Soldini. UPdate from Marek Słodownik: Now is Maserati headed by Giovanni Soldini and she is used for breaking records (Discovery Route, New York - San Francisco.) An international crew won also Cape Town to Rio in her this year.
Ericsson 4 – Torben Grael's Juan K VO70 (winner) Now owned by Groupama
Green Dragon – Ian Walker's Reichel Pugh VO70 In Ireland. To be sure. 
Il mostro/Puma Ocean Racing – Botin & Carkeek VO70 Used by Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing as training boat. Willie Lynch reports (12/8/14):
Puma il mostro is now owned by Peter Thornton in Chicago - bought in 2012 to break the Chicago to Macinac record
Team Delta Lloyd  Ex-ABN AMRO One
Kosatka/Team Russia - Humphreys VO70  Was out of the water in HYS near thedailysail office. Sold to Andy Budgen and now Monster Project.
Telefonica Blue – Farr VO70 Raced in 2011-2 VOR as Team Sanya under Mike Sanderson. 11/8/14: In Alicante 
Telefonica Black – Farr VO70 12/6/15: Seems to have been acquired by British Vendee Globe  skipper Steve White and will be used for a singlehanded attempt on the westabout non-stop around the world record against the prevailing winds
Telefonica 11/8/14: Now called Black Jack in Sydney
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 2014: Acquired by Frenchman Hubert Wargny and renamed Villa Saxe Eiffel, with a crew including Whitbread Round the World Race winner Lionel Pean.
Groupama 11/8/14: Now owned by New Zealand wine producer Jim Delegat, renamed Giacomo and (according to her new owner) "competing in such ocean races as the Auckland to Fiji Ocean race as well as the 2013 Sydney to Hobart with great success."
Sanya See 2008-9 Telefonica Blue, 21/7/15: Michiel Goegebeur advises - now chartering in the Netherland with Hans Bouscholte. http://oceanrace.academy/
Camper 4/9/14 from Kristian Alexander Østlie: Has been bought by the Norweigan sailing team Wolfpack Racing and Per Ottar Skaaret.
Puma In Lanzarote, used by Team SCA  as a training boat for the 2014-2015 VOR
Team Dongfeng  
Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing  
Team SCA  
Team Brunel  
Team Vestas Wind  Repaired by Persico after it ended up on an Indian Ocean Reef


Latest Comments

  • Tim Penfold 04/06/2012 - 19:54

    I am moored next to Flyer(II) right now in the island of Naxos in Greece, immaculately converted to a cruising boat and obviously much loved. I also think I may have seen Gaia, from the first race last week near Athens.
  • Tim Penfold 04/06/2012 - 19:54

    I am moored next to Flyer(II) right now in the island of Naxos in Greece, immaculately converted to a cruising boat and obviously much loved. I also think I may have seen Gaia, from the first race last week near Athens.
  • Tim Penfold 04/06/2012 - 19:53

    I am moored next to Flyer(II) right now in the island of Naxos in Greece, immaculately converted to a cruising boat and obviously much loved. I also think I may have seen Gaia, from the first race last week near Athens.
  • Tim Penfold 04/06/2012 - 19:52

    I am moored next to Flyer(II) right now in the island of Naxos in Greece, immaculately converted to a cruising boat and obviously much loved. I also think I may have seen Gaia, from the first race last week near Athens.
  • Smart Yachting 26/11/2011 - 13:11

    Maiden is lying in Seychelles, looks abandoned to me..
  • satok 26/10/2011 - 17:40

    Sorry but are your sure about this? "Il mostro/Puma Ocean Racing – Botin & Carkeek VO70 - Used by Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing as training boat" I think its right now for sale at www.pumavolvo70forsale.com Didn't Abu Dahbi used to train with the old Abn Amro II and Puma used Il Mostro for trials before they have got Mar Mostro?
  • tswinburn 21/12/2010 - 11:59

    Maiden was moored on a pontoon at Eden Island, Mahe in September this year. Appears complete, but in need of some tlc.
  • tomgib 12/08/2010 - 07:54

    W60 "Heineken" / "YAMAHA 1" located in Adriatic Sea. Boat received nice new interior and is offered for occasional day chater. Austrian owned
  • rxhart 23/07/2010 - 08:56

    ABN AMRO One/Delta Lloyd was, as of last weekend, sitting on the hard at Endeavour Quay, Gosport
  • DickDastardly 19/07/2010 - 05:59

    Winston – AUS modified and lengthened out of class. The boat (as of 12/07/10) is sitting on a mooring off Woolwich in upper Sydney Harbour.
  • doghouse 14/07/2010 - 13:34

    Unless she's moved, Merit Cup was sitting on the hard in Ibiza as of 2008.
  • jpziegert 14/07/2010 - 05:54

    Very good idea ! Any chance to give me some more informations about the Merit (89-90) converted to a Ketch sitting in Palma. Our WRWR team would like a revival to be organized on the boat !
  • Giorgio 14/07/2010 - 05:40

    Brooksfield was owned by Dusan Puh from Slovenia and renamed Veliky Viharnik , lightend and modified to compete in all the North Adriatic Open races
  • willielynch 14/07/2010 - 02:01

    fazizi is in chicago owned by the polish sailing association currently getting a mini refit in preperation for this years chicago to macinac race
  • mikewildcard 13/07/2010 - 23:41

    Yes new Zealand endeavor is for sale in Norway along with la poste from the same race they were used for corporate entertainment and I waa boat captain ncak in 2000 2001. There was a reasonable number of sails for both boats and a spare rig for endeavor on the uk if anyone needs any more details please get in touch mikedwatson@yahoo.co.uk
  • 641012 13/07/2010 - 22:45

    I sailed on board Innovation Kvaerner in the 2003 Sydney Hobart. She was chartered by Formula 1 sailing (which I think no longer exists) for the race, and Dee Caffari was the skipper. We said goodbye to the boat in Hobart. But I don't have any more up to date information.
  • 769945 13/07/2010 - 21:36

    The Decision ketch destroyed in a fire would have been Merit. La Poste was sold a few months ago - she had been run by the same company which has New Zealand Endeavour. The Merit in Trapsa, Palma is the 1989 boat which was converted to a ketch.
  • 814206 13/07/2010 - 21:02

    One of the 2 1993-4 DECISION built farr ketches was completely lost in a fire in La ciotat about 10 years ago; not sure if it was la poste or merit cup
  • JHAPLIN 13/07/2010 - 15:03

    ROLLY GO http://www.rollygo.it/ believe in Rapallo / Italy
  • Giorgio 13/07/2010 - 13:02

    Amer Sport Too and Assa training boat are for charter in the north adriatic
  • JamesDavies 13/07/2010 - 12:26

    Hamish Oliphant definitely sold the 2001/2 Team Tyco to ABN Amro to use as their training boat. Anyone from ABN Amro know what happened to it after that?
  • Chr1s 13/07/2010 - 09:52

    Kosatka is for sale, Lying Lymington. €1.1m with containers (Berthon ad in Seahorse).
  • tomgib 13/07/2010 - 09:44

    TOSHIBA is also owned by Speedsailing and located in the Baltic (Warnemünde / Rostock)
  • tomgib 13/07/2010 - 09:41

    illbruck (now "Glashaeger") and SEB (now "Rostocker") are located in the Baltic Sea and owned by a company called "Speedsailing" (www.speedsailing.de)
  • 871308 13/07/2010 - 09:28

    1981/82 I sailed Disq d'Or 3 badged as Prestige Krost in the Lisbon to Cape Town Bartolomeu Diaz race with Bertie Reed in 1987. Prior to that she was Stabilo Boss in the single handed BOC round the world race with Bertie. After the Portugal race we had some coastal races in South Africa and then the boat was sold to Tracy Edwards and became Maiden and went for its 3rd round the world race.
  • Jock 13/07/2010 - 09:13

    Assa was hugoboss 2 which was sold to Pindar/Bahrain to join the Pindar VO60 (ex newscorp) fairly sure it's in the middle east based in Bahrain.
  • Chr1s 13/07/2010 - 08:59

    2005-6 movistar was lost on the North Atlantic leg. (All crew recovered).
  • willielynch 13/07/2010 - 04:13

    ncb ireland along with martela were or still are charter boats in bahamas. i worked on ncb while she was in greece then named athina
  • longy 12/07/2010 - 23:39

    Grand Louis seen out in Hawaii mid 80's, owned by Arapoff. Might still be out there. New name, don't remember.
  • longy 12/07/2010 - 23:37

    Ceramco sold to Newport Bch, Ca, became 'Winterhawk". Was homeported there for 10-12 yrs then sold to Gulf of Mexico area? Yamaha & America's Challenge still berthed in Newport bch, Ca. Sadly aground (sand/mud) on every tide. Never sailed. Sayula still under original owner, cruising Mexico.
  • billreilly 12/07/2010 - 17:18

    NZ Endeavour is listed in Yachting World as for sale and lying in Elba, Italy (info@maxisails.com)
  • ihatesailing 12/07/2010 - 08:32

    The 93-94 Merit cup ketch has been sitting in in Trapsa Marina, Palma de Mallorca for the last 4 years. She never moves.
  • DickDastardly 12/07/2010 - 04:42

    Djuice Dragon 2001-02 race boat now "Southern Excellence" based on Sydney Harbour. Other boat was sold to the UK IIRC. "The Card" and "British Defender" now based at Airlie Beach in Queensland. one of the 97-98 Merit Cup boats is for sale on Hydney Harbour. The two EF Boats are also based in Sydney - http://www.kookaburragroup.com.au/site/charter-spirit/
  • 641117 11/07/2010 - 22:21

    Djuice Dragons - VO60 Now 'Project Racing' doing charter work Sitting Ocean Village Southampton
  • 260669 10/07/2010 - 15:40

    Peter von Danzig is now Peter von Seestermühe, owned by Christoph von Reibnitz (www.peter-von-seestermuehe.de)

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