Dave Endean
Dave Endean

VIDEO: Ericsson 4 - a guided tour

Crewman Dave Endean shows us around the Volvo Ocean Race leader

Wednesday May 20th 2009, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom

Torben Grael's Volvo Ocean Race leader Ericsson 4 is effectively a fourth generation Volvo Ocean Race from Juan Kouyoumdjian following on from the two ABN AMRO boats, Mike Sanderson's ABN AMRO One obviously the winner of the last Volvo Ocean Race and teammates Ericsson 3 now being hammered around the world in the capable hands of Magnus Olssen and his Nordic crew.

The boat has some interesting developments over her predecessors from the use of a rotary hydraulic pump powered by the grinders to her more bluff bow that we are told works better in waves to her angled chines that help give her a more bow-up attitude, to her daggerboards that change their angle of attack the further they are dropped...

In Boston crewman Dave Endean, now on his third Volvo Ocean race following campaigns on Tyco and ABN AMRO One, kindly gave thedailysail the guided tour.

See this video here

Be warned - this video is 127MB and 32 minutes long And we apologies for the rotten cleanliness of the lens on our video camera...

See our video from on board Ericsson 4 during the practice race in Boston. Compare the above with our guided tour to ABN AMRO One during the last Volvo Ocean Race (see part one and two).

NB: This video are formatted to play in Windows Media Player and are LARGE in size - therefore only suitable for those with a suitably fast broadband connection. They should play out as they download. Mac users can now view .wmv files by downloading a suitable add on to Quicktime - for example we use Flip4Mac which works a treat. The only noticable difference is that while the clip will play out while downloading on a PC in Internet Explorer, on a Mac it must download first.

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