Spinlock XTR

British company launches its new 'reactor' clutch

Tuesday January 7th 2014, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom

Spinlock believes its new XTR Reactor Clutch to be the greatest step forward in mid-load rope holding technology since the original Spinlock XT series clutch.

In the XTR’s Reactor Module, cam and base move together dynamically, clutching and releasing the line inside a self-contained unit. With this ‘reactive clutching’, the holding is consistent across the full diameter range - release is smooth and progressive, and although it is optimised for 10mm line, it provides significant rope holding improvement for controlling the latest smaller diameter lines under load.

With an ultra lightweight alloy/composite body, its handle moves freely to an ergonomic position, ready for release.

Spinlock’s CEO, Chris Hill explains: "The Spinlock Reactive Clutching principle could be one of the most important steps we have seen in performance sail control. Because base and cam both work in reaction, clutching is quicker across the diameter range and release is smooth and effortless, but with just the right amount of handle resistance to indicate the size of load. And, because loads are so well contained in the Reactor Module, we‘ve been able to use a new alloy/composite in construction of the XTR that reduces weight by 35%, while still retaining load holding on 12mm up to 1000kg."

Any clutch has to be kept clean and lubricated for best rope holding results - an important job too often overlooked. With the XTR, aftercare and servicing becomes simple and fast: undo a single screw and the whole XTR Reactor Module is withdrawn in one unit - for a quick wash and visual check.

XTR has the identical footprint to XTS/XCS clutches up to /3’s and is also available as a side mount version.

Available in black, white, silver and citrus anodised finishes.

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