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Eight to contest the Soto 40 circuit

New faces include Andres Soriano

Monday April 2nd 2012, Author: James Boyd, Location: Spain

Eight teams are set to contest the Soto 40 European Championship this season following the demise of the Audi MedCup.

Among the line-up are four new owners including from Spain Jesus Turro, New York-based Andy Soriano, German/Portuguese Stefan Jenztsch and Portugal's Pedro Mendonça.

Barcelona's Jesus Turro participated in the final race of the 2011 Audi MedCup on board where he discovered the versatility and easy handling of the Argentinian designed and built one dessgn. Turro has also been the owner of the series of Soletes which have proved competitive under ORC.

Andy Soriano is one of the leading owner drivers in the world following his campaign at the helm of his Mills 68 Mini Maxi Alegre.

Pedro Mendonca is well known as the man behind the various Bigamist campaigns. During the last few seasons he has participated in TP 52 as well as under ORC and in the Platu 25 class. In the 2011 season he decided to try the Soto 40 at the Cascais and Barcelona Audi MedCup events and he has now taken thefinal step by joining the class in 2012 with his new boat POR30.

Stefan Jenztsch is the latest owner to join the Soto 40 class encouraged by the competitiveness of these boats. He has put together a competitive international crew, but like Turro, Andres Soriano and tony Buckingham, he will steer his boat competing for the Owner Driver Trophy.

Meanwhile German;s Konstantin Jacoby has also been tempted by the Soto 40 Class and has chartered XXII to race her at PalmaVela and Trofeo Conde de Godo in Barcelona.

PalmaVela marks the first date of the calendar, although it won't count in the Soto 40 European Championship. This will be held over 20-22 April and will see six Soto 40s on the start line, a warm-up prior to the start of the European Circuit.

Soto 40 European Championship Calendar
Trofeo Conde de Godo - 24 to 27 May (Barcelona)
Sardinia Cup - 11 to 16 June (Porto Cervo)
Copa del Rey Audi Mapfre - 18 to 21 July (Palma de Mallorca)
Copa Sotogrande - 10 to 13 August (Sotogrande)
Soto Final 40 European Championship - 19 to 22 September (Valencia)

Participating teams:
ESP02 Solete- Jesus Turro (Spain)
ESP19 Iberdrola Team- Agustín Zulueta (Spain)
GBR20 Ngoni - Tony Buckingham (United Kingdom)
ESP21 News - Luis Martín (Spain)
ESP22 XXII - In Yachts (Spain)
GER27 Black Pearl - Stefan Jenztsch (Germany)
POR30 Bigamist - Pedro Mendonça (Portugal)
BVI33 Alegre - Andy Soriano (BVI)

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