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Farr 40 stacks up against newer rivals

Class association looks at the stats from Quantum Key West Race Week

Friday February 3rd 2012, Author: Tink Chambers, Location: none selected

Following debate at Quantum Key West Race Week, the Farr 40 Class Association has tabulated elapsed times from the racing there to produce a comparison table showing the relative performance of the Farr 40 against the new Farr 400 and McConaghy 38. The elapsed times are official from Premiere Racing who corrected them after an error was spotted in race 6. 10 races were held in winds ranging 8-22 knots.

The Farr 40 Class Association claim to have very accurate upwind and downwind times for races 6 though 9 and have also included a detailed leg-by-leg breakdown of those races.

The class' general observations were:
- F40 is generally faster upwind vs F400 and MC38, particularly in any wave action
- Downwind F40 is surprisingly competitive in up to 16 knots and over 20 knots wind speed. Between 16 and 20 knots the F400 and MC38 have an advantage, being considerably lighter
- There is no doubt that on any reaching legs both the F400 and MC38 would be significantly faster
- In upwind/downwind course racing the performance advantage was not as advertised by the F400 VPP
- The big surprise was how competitive the F40 was in the 8-15 knot range
- It is of great interest to note that 15 years after the Farr 40 was launched, designers have not made significant speed breakthroughs, and it is reassuring for Farr 40 owners their boats are still highly competitive amongst the new breed of similar sized boats.

Our note: When looking at these figures it should be considered that while the Farr 40 has been around for 15 years now, Farr 40 crews extremely well versed in how to sail them at 100%, Key West was the first regatta ever for both the Farr 400 and McConaghy 38 and their crews were understandably greener.

Comparison table (click to enlarge):

Leg by leg breakdown

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  • macca 03/02/2012 - 22:32

    Perhaps the Farr 40 class should consider why its numbers have been in decline well before the Farr400 and M38 arrived?

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