13 September, Valencia

34th America's Cup announcement will cover when, what and how but not where

Tuesday August 31st 2010, Author: Tim Jeffery, Location: Spain

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BMW Oracle Racing have issued the following press released:

Organizers for the 34th America’s Cup plan on September 13 to host a press conference in Valencia to reveal three of the four cornerstones of the next competition:

- The year in which it will be held
- The new Class of Boat for the competition
- The competition rules (The Protocol)

The objective for the 34th America’s Cup has been to create the fairest-ever competition, sustainable to teams and their partners with transformed racing to attract the widest possible audience for an event planned for either 2013 or 2014.

A new, dynamic and exciting class of boat will be revealed.

The year of the 34th America’s Cup will also be confirmed.

Negotiations over the host city venue – the fourth cornerstone – continue, but organisers are confident of making an announcement ahead of the December 31 objective.

The Protocol is now finalized and will be formally signed by the defending Golden Gate Yacht Club and the Challenger of Record, Club Nautico di Roma, in a live-streamed ceremony on the official America’s Cup web site.

Latest Comments

  • Blackburn 13/09/2010 - 12:19

    Following today's presentation - which was good! - I'm finally going to vote in the longstanding "should multi's be in the 34 AC?' Poll. Absolutely!
  • James Boyd 13/09/2010 - 09:38

    Bertarelli's latest boating venture is to provide a patrol vessel, as part of a £3.5 million gift from his Foundation, to guard the world biggest marine reserve around the Chagos Archipelago.
  • Blackburn 13/09/2010 - 07:49

    From all the devoted attention you would think that press conferencing is a new Olympic discipline. Let's just give Coutts the medal and tell him to hurry it up... But what is more spectacular and gloriously Italian than the Centomiglia? ... Sadly I did not find any photos of Jo Richards helming a flying bulb last Saturday (whatever happened to that project?), instead he won his class with Full Pelt. http://www.giornaledibrescia.it/fotogallery/la-regata-nelle-immagini-di-... http://www.centomiglia.it/pdf/2010/ClassificaCentomiglia.pdf
  • Blackburn 12/09/2010 - 20:03

    Here's a little item I was very happy to read: "La rumeur - toujours elle! - prétend même que les Américains pourraient aussi modifier le format des parcours. Du traditionnel losange dans lequel les adversaires se battaient, on passerait à une sorte de rectangle, afin d'obliger les immenses multicoques à rester au contact et rendre la compétition visuellement intéressante." Once (regrettably only once) I took part in a multihull regatta with a square course, in a harbor, and it was the most wonderful experience for sailors and spectators alike. If you're doing multihulls, then the REACHING LEGS are a hugely desirable feature which should be put to best possible use. This Swiss article yesterday also suggests that Bertarelli might be content to stay on the sidelines FOR AC34, despite the multihull orientation. http://www.lematin.ch/sports/voile/bateaux-prochaine-coupe-ailes-321614 Alinghi says they will be making some announcements soon, and it would be great if they picked up the gauntlet. But I wouldn't fault EB if he is disinclined, and spends his time and money elsewhere. The way in which Coutts/ Ellison/ Ehman methodically went about wrecking the Swiss hopes for AC33 must reduce the appeal of the otherwise very charming San Francisco.
  • 898568 11/09/2010 - 11:32

    - 72  x 60  ft2  CATAMARAN

    - 3'000 sq.ft  ONE-SLOT WINGSAIL

    - MINIMUM WEIGHT = 15'000 lbs = 6.8 T


    - SEPTEMBER 2013

  • melges20 02/09/2010 - 11:46

    Hope you wrong,,mradventure,,San Fran, or Newport, or any place in between would be great!!
  • mradventure69 01/09/2010 - 16:30

    In the san francisco bay area we know we will get kicked in the balls and the cup will not be in the San francsco Bay area.where its should be ( big Brease great place to watch from) we know they will toss us some little bone of an event (big deal Circus tent for a few days) its of to Europe and we know it,so much for Americas cup. Thnaks larry

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