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SailTV/Sunset+Vine|APP to broadcast four hours a day starting with the Portugal Cup

Saturday May 1st 2010, Author: Sabina Mollart-Rogerson, Location: Portugal

Year-on-year, season-by-season the Audi MedCup Circuit, through regular investment in cutting edge technology and innovation continues to improve access to the exciting action from each of the season's regattas.

In 2010, will stream a daily four hour programme with live action from the battle field. The first Aui MedCup TV programme, to start on 12 May.

The circuit has been successful to date in attracting a worldwide following. For the remote viewer, the investment in recent years has produced incremental improvements, first in 2006 with live mark by mark ticker text updates, then in 2008 and 2009 live, from the race course, audio commentary to support Virtual Eye real time tracking all setting new and consistently high standards.

Throughout the imminent 2010 Audi MedCup Circuit the live action images from the race tracks will be streamed direct to internet viewers, as part of the four hours of daily programming, including dockside interviews, pre- and post-race analysis via SailTV which will also stream to the most watched websites worldwide.

The live TV production is an extension of the established excellent output from Sunset+Vine|APP, which has created and distributed the TV packages for the Audi MedCup over the last three years.

Live action will be beamed from the stabilised camera on the TV catamaran which has unrivalled access to the fleets with continuous commentary in two languages and expert comment. There will wilso be specialised camera operators filming from on board the racing yachts in the thick of the action and from the air. The action will be mixed at the venue broadcast centre, cut with supporting Virtual Eye 3-D animation and tracking, including a replay facility and broadcast live.

To ensure a high level of interest is maintained, there will be regular short interviews and information, with highlights packages utilised when there are natural breaks in the racing.

"We are looking to really be able to drill into what is going on on the race course and highlight and explain in simple terms what is happening and why, what is interesting about each race," says Andrew Preece, Sunset+Vine|APP Audi MedCup Executive Television Producer,
"It will be essentially a sporting programme, but we aim to unravel the action, so that the action become more easily understood and accessible to a new sailing audience."

SailTV's Mark David adds: "We are excited about the Audi MedCup TV package. There is certainly already an established audience, but a lot of how the audience develops and grows will be about people getting used to and trusting the technology. And of course as more sailing becomes available on the internet, so the audience is growing all."

This programming not only will be streamed live over the internet but to local spectators at the giant screen in the race village.

With the Audi MedCup's Portugal Trophy, taking place over 11-16 May,  the first Audi MedCup TV programme will start at 1250 CET on 12 May.

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