Winning Tides

Mike Broughton and Graham Sunderland team up to launch a new tidal stream prediction program for the Solent

Wednesday April 28th 2004, Author: Rupert Holmes, Location: United Kingdom

Winning Tides ­ a new tidal stream prediction program ­ sets a fresh standard by providing the most comprehensive, accurate and easily accessed tidal stream information available for the Solent and surrounding area. It has been created specifically for racing sailors by Cowes-based professional race navigators Graham Sunderland and Mike Broughton. It provides high-resolution tidal stream data in a choice of three easy-to-use formats

An entirely new survey of the Solent and south coast of the Isle of Wight was carried out during 2003 and 2004. The survey was planned from a racing navigator¹s perspective, with 149 separate measurement points, and data displayed at half-hourly intervals. Feedback from users will be used to identify additional points for future measurement, particularly on the south side of the Isle of Wight. Information from these and other updates will be available free of charge to purchasers of Winning Tides.

Graham Sunderland gives an excellent illustration of the power of Winning Tides, while sailing a Europrix IC45 in the first race of the RORC Red Funnel Easter Regatta: "Towards the end of the first beat, with two IC45 in front of us, WT predicted a stronger favourable stream to the south of the Ryde Middle Sands. Tacking away from the fleet ensured we reached the mark first. Without the detail WT provides I could never have contemplated such a bold move, but it paid off."

WT is available in three formats ­ a 40-page full-colour book, a standard PC program, and a feature rich product for the serious racer, WT Gold.

The standard program features half hourly Isle of Wight tidal software with standard detail, flow arrows, zoom in, zoom out, high water time, skip forward, skip back and general Solent info. Pages can be printed out ­ even when zoomed for high detail ­ a feature that¹s ideal for fleets such as Hunter 707s, 1720s and SB3s where on-board computers are banned.

WT Gold offers all the features of the standard program, plus 40 extra measurement points chosen for their relevance for race navigation; animation; HW height and barometric pressure adjustment; aerial photography and node comments.

The pocketsize book is designed for use on the rail, with waterproof pages and clear divisions between its different sections. Tidal stream data is provided for the Solent at half-hour intervals, and at hourly intervals for the area to the south of the Isle of Wight.

Reference points ­ everything from conspicuous features such as houses and groynes to navigation marks and racing buoys ­ are clearly shown so the rail-bound navigator can assess the boat's position instantly.

The aim of Winning Tides is simply to help the user extract the best possible gains on the race course by using the most detailed tidal flow programme available for modern race/sail boats. We are sure you will agree this is a genuinely exciting product for race navigation that¹s as useful for keelboat and sportsboat fleets as it is at Grand-Prix level.

Winning Tides PC £23.90, Winning Tides PC GOLD £79.90, Winning Tides Book £23.90

Where to buy Winning Tides
Available from 21 May, WT will be available over the counter from chandlers in Hamble, Lymington and Cowes, as well as via the Winning Tides website.

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