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Kiteboarding Course World Championship concludes in Cagliari

Monday October 8th 2012, Author: James Boyd, Location: Italy

After four days of full-on racing, John and Erika Heineken have taken the 2012 International Kiteboarding Associations Course Racing World Championship titles in great style.

After two days of qualifying series races and the final race series day, the last day of the 2012 Course Racing World Championships provided gusty offshore winds in the range of 5 to 20 knots. The race committee had a hard time to set a fair course and had to go approximately 2.5 kilometers offshore to place the starting line for the medal race course.

The top 10 men and women respectively qualified to compete in this medal race series, with the first race 'virtually' pre-scored from the position in the final series. Mens overall leader Johnny Heineken (USA, Ozone/Mikes Lab) was not too stoked about having his earlier stages performance shrunked into a one point lead over second placed Riccardo Leccese (ITA, Ozone/Mikes Lab) and third ranked Adam Koch (USA, Ozone/Mikes Lab), who came back strong after the first qualifying series days.

Over in the womens fleet, Erika Heineken (USA, Ozone/Mikes Lab) lost her lead partially in yesterday racing, when second ranked Steph Bridge (GBR, North) won three out of four races. Caroline Adrien (FRA, Aguera/Cabrinha) is going into the medal race series in third position, giving her a pre-scored race of three points.

Racing went underway around noon, with a two lap double gate course set by the race committee for this best-of-three series. Races were conducted under Addendum Q – umpired fleet racing – and the winner of the medal race series would take the glory to win the 2012 course racing world championship.

It was the womens turn first, with the whole fleet starting on starboard towards the first leg, and the battle was on between Steph Bridge and Erika Heineken. Being only one point separated, it was open for virtually every sailor who qualified for the medal race series to win the event. In the end it was Steph Bridge taking the win in this race, meaning that both Erika and Steph were tied in points now and whoever wins the last race takes the event title. Coming in in third, it was Nayara Licariao (BRA, North) chasing up to Caroline Adrien making it the same battle for third and fourth as it was for the event title. For Katja Roose it was not a good day, setting on the wrong strategy in the first race, dropping her down from fourth to six position after the first medal race.

Next the pressure was on the mens fleet, and it turned out to become one of the most exciting races ever seen. The start went off with two riders going on port, but at the windward mark the whole fleet arrived within seconds. Event leader Johnny Heineken crashed while tacking, costing him worthful seconds, and it was Adam Koch who came down to the bottom gate after two rounds only a couple of meters ahead of Johnny. After ten minutes and a race length of app 3.5 kilometers, both riders came over the finish line overlapped in true photofinish style. Again the same picture for the next finishers, being only few meters seperated when finishing.

Race two for the women came, and now the pressure was full on. A true winner takes all final, same as in the mens fleet later on. Again Erika and Steph went off with the best start, and the wind was down to 5 knots know at times, coming back to 15+ - really difficult conditions provided by todays Mistral wind. At the windward gate, Erika already gained quite some distance to Steph in second, but it turned out to become a battle for second, third and fourth as all the top girls were chasing Erika in really close racing. In the end it was Steph who took the second place, only meters ahead of Caroline Adrien and Christine Boenniger (GER, Flysurfer/Royal) again in a photo finish.

The last race of the day saw the all-deciding final of the men, and the tension was high. No one wanted to take a risk, and the fleet went off in a solid 12 knots breeze with puffs up to 20 knots. Everbody was lit on their biggest kites but no one wanted to take the risk of a smaller kite and get caught in a lull. This time Johnny came clear ahead at the weathermark, with tight racing between Adam Koch in second, Riccardo Leccese in third and Julien Kerneur (FRA, RRD) in fourth. Chasing up was Maxime Nocher (FRA, North), who managed to make his way up to third position until the end of the race. Finally it was Johnny taking the win ahead of Adam, and Maxime finishing ahead of Julien in fourth and Riccardo in fifth.

Racing finished at 1530, and the closing ceremony brought the 2012 course racing world championships to an end.

Mens Medal Race Results after three races:
John Heineken (USA), 4 pts
Adam Koch (USA), 6 pts
Julien Kerneur (FRA), 13 pts
Riccardo Leccese (ITA), 13 pts
Maxime Nocher (FRA), 14 pts
Bryan Lake (USA), 16 pts
Florian Gruber (GER), 19 pts
Olivier Dansin (FRA), 24 pts
Dave Robertson (NZL), 26 pts
Wilson Veloso (BRA), 30 pts

Womens Medal Race Results after three races:
Erika Heineken (USA), 4pts
Steph Bridge (GBR), 5pts
Caroline Adrien (FRA), 10 pts
Nayara Licariao (BRA), 13 pts
Christine Boenniger (GER), 15 pts
Elena Kalinina (RUS), 19 pts
Katja Roose (NED), 22 pts
Alice Brunacci (ITA), 28 pts
Lilian de Geus (NED), 29 pts
Justina Sellers (NZL), 30 pts

Youth Men (U18) Results:
Oliver Bridge (GBR)
Jannis Maus (GER)
Oswald Smith (RSA)

Youth Women (U18) Results:
Elena Kalinina (RUS)
Alice Shoulder (GBR)
Carolina Melo (POR)

Men Masters (35+) Results:
Wilson Veloso (BRA)
Tomek Janiak (POL)
Pedro Garijo (ESP)

Women Masters (+35)Results:
Steph Bridge (GBR)
Eugenia Gueorgueiva (BUL)
Astrid Berz (SUI)

Men Grandmasters (45+):
Alex Aguera (USA)
Adam Vance (CAN)
Ken Winner (USA)


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