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Gilbert and McGrane claim Bloody Mary

International 14 first home at Queen Mary SC's pursuit race

Monday January 10th 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom

The sailboats.co.uk Bloody Mary Pursuit Race was run for the 38th time this weekend at Queen Mary Sailing Club, the second stage of the SailJuice Global Warm-Up series.

For the first time in several years, the race took place in decent conditions with a good breeze and double digit temperatures following six weeks of freezing cold. This attracted 238 entries in 60 classes from 107 clubs from as far afield as Aberdeen.

First off were the Toppers in a force 4-5 breeze at which point the foiling Moths (who were to go off last) were looking favourites to win.

After 40 minutes, the breeze had dropped to a Force 3 and a Laser 4.7 took the lead. 20 minutes later a Graduate helmed by Steve Cockerill overhauled them and held off a 3000 and two National 12s for over an hour. With 20 minutes to go an International 14 sailed by Roger Gilbert and Ben McGrane took the lead and extended it until the end of the race. Second to finish was Chips Howarth and Vyv Townend in a Fireball and close behind them was Daniel Hollands and Andrew Thompson in the 3000.

Winner of the Ladies Helm was Katie Russell in a Laser Radial. The Hyde Sails Foilers Trophy went to Mike Cooke in an International Moth. The first Queen Mary Helm and first junior was Callum Ellis in a 29er with his crew Will Harris. Winner of the Grand Master prize was Bob Yates from Burghfield in a Blaze. There were 20 class prizes (for those fleets of 6 or more).

Global Warm-Up

At the halfway stage of the SailJuice Global Warm-Up 2011, Matt Biggs and Ben Hollis have sailed their Merlin Rocket to the top of the leaderboard after notching up a useful 9th place from 238 entries in this weekend’s Sailboats.co.uk Bloody Mary pursuit race.

Biggs and Hollis had won their handicap division at the previous weekend’s Grafham Grand Prix and they have been the most consistent across the two events by some way. Under the series scoring system devised by SailRacer.co.uk, all results are referenced against the largest single fleet of all four events in the SailJuice series. Thus far it is the Bloody Mary fleet which becomes the benchmark score, meaning that those who performed well in the variable conditions at Queen Mary Sailing Club on Saturday have put some useful points in the bank.

Winners of the Bloody Mary were Roger Gilbert and Ben McGrane, the national champions who sailed their International 14 into the lead with 20 minutes of the race still to run. It was a dominant performance which puts them in 17th overall after two events, even though they didn’t show up at Grafham. With one discard in the Series, there will be a good deal more reshuffling of the pack once the Steve Nicholson Trophy and John Merricks Tiger Trophy have taken place just under a month from now.

A second place at the Bloody Mary puts Fireball World Champions Chips Howarth and Vyv Townend in 3rd overall, behind the Musto Skiff of Andrew Peake who is now 2nd in the SailJuice series after finishing 20th at Queen Mary.

Eight different classes feature in the current top 10 standings, with only the Merlin Rocket and Musto Skiff appearing twice. It was notable how mixed the top finishers were at the Bloody Mary, with Queen Mary Sailing Club’s careful reappraisal of the standard RYA PY numbers paying dividends. With a Graduate and an International Moth both finishing in the top 10, along with a variety of other hiking and trapeze boats, Queen Mary’s analysis of past finish data from previous Bloody Marys appears to be opening up the field to more and more contenders.


Pos Class Helm Crew Club
1 International 14 Roger Gilbert Ben McGrane Frensham Pond SC
2 Fireball Chips Howarth Vyv Townend Bewl Valley SC
3 3000 Daniel Hollands Andrew Thompson Hythe and Saltwood SC
4 Merlin Rocket Stuart Bithell Alex Jackson Hollingworth Lake Sailing Club
5 National 12 Graham Camm Zoe Ballantine Burghfield SC
6 Merlin Rocket Jon Gorringe Toby Lewis Parkstone YC
7 National 12 Jon Ibbotson Sophie Mackley Ocss
8 Graduate Stephen Cockerill Sarah Cockerill Stokes Bay SC
9 Merlin Rocket Matt Biggs Ben Hollis Blithfield
10 International Moth Mike Cooke   Bristol Corinthian YC
11 Fireball Dave Wade Andy Thompson Northampton
12 National 12 Thomas Stewart Rachel Williamson Northampton SC
13 505 Andy Smith Tim Needham SHSC
14 Merlin Rocket William Warren Chris Robinson Shoreham SC
15 Lark Stuart Hydon Nick Hydon Shustoke SC
16 Lark Steve Hall Simon Haighton Northampton
17 National 12 Kevin Iles Jane Wade Thorpe Bay YC
18 Laser Matt Reid   Spinnaker Sailing Club
19 Contender Stuart Jones   Datchet Water Sailing Club
20 Musto Skiff Andrew Peake   Whitstable YC
21 29er Callum Ellis Will Harris Queen Mary Sailing Club
22 RS 700 Jerry Wales   Queen Mary Sailing Club
23 Laser Radial Rob Cage   Bewl Valley SC
24 RS 400 Daniel Hawkins Cassie Hawkins Queen Mary Sailing Club
25 International Moth Alex Adams   CCSC
26 Laser Richard Horn   Weston
27 GP14 Richard Instone Jim Toothill Chase SC
28 Laser Radial Chris Jones   Sutton Bingham SC
29 RS 800 Nick Charles Chris Martin Datchet Water SC
30 National 12 Will Henderson Mary Henderson Queen Mary Sailing Club
31 RS 800 James Date Toby Wincer Port Dinorwic SC
32 Laser Radial Mark Sancken   Queen Mary Sailing Club
33 Laser Dan Bigsby   Queen Mary Sailing Club
34 Phantom Simon Hawkes   Wimbleball Lake SC
35 Flying Dutchman Toby Barsley-Dale Gareth Russell Paxton Lakes SC
36 RS 600 Richard Smith   Blue Circle SC
37 Merlin Rocket Nick Craig James Stewart Frensham Pond
38 Phantom Nick Orman   Castle Cove
39 RS 200 James Boyce Sam Tozer Queen Mary Sailing Club
40 Laser Robert Hardwick   Papercourt SC
41 Laser Valentin Nedyalkov   Queen Mary Sailing Club
42 Laser Julian Pearson   Weston SC
43 Laser James Baxter   Queen Mary Sailing Club
44 Merlin Rocket Paul Hollis Chris Gould Blithfield SC
45 Solo Michael Sims   Carsington SC
46 Albacore John Woffinden Janet Woffinden Maidenhead SC
47 Merlin Rocket Colin Brockbank Russel Hall Wembley SC
48 Laser Radial Neil Crossouard   Queen Mary Sailing Club
49 Laser Radial Oliver Machell   Papercourt/ Stokes Bay
50 Laser Radial Andrew Rawson   Queen Mary Sailing Club
51 Laser Radial Sam Barker   Castle Cove SC
52 RS 600 Mark Cooper   Burghfield Sailing Club
53 Osprey Richard Marshall Peter Frith Poole YC
54 RS 200 Dave Steed Katharine Lovering Burghfield SC
55 RS 500 Max Richardson Tom Richardson Hastings
56 Laser Radial Katie Russell   Lymington YC
57 GP14 David Hayes Richie Bell Hayling Island SC
58 OK Ian Harris   Bristol Corinthian YC
59 Phantom Thomas Tindall   Yorkshire Dales Salling Club
60 Laser Radial Jack Spence   Datchet Water Sailing Club
61 RS 200 Steve Restall Judy Restall Downs SC
62 Phantom Andrew Wilde   Carsington SC
63 Laser Radial Josh Mclynn   Westminster SC
64 RS 600 Mike Ellis   Hill Head Sailing Club
65 Enterprise Ann Jackson Richard Adams Burghfield Sailing Club
66 Laser Gareth Edwards   Queen Mary Sailing Club
67 Phantom Andrew Gregory   Stewartby Water Sports Club
68 RS 200 Juliet Charles Alice Kingsnorth Datchet Water SC
69 Scorpion Peter Gray Tim Rush Stornton Harold SC
70 National 12 Mike Storey Alex Storey Island Barn Rsc
71 Firefly Roger Morris Jo Findlay Wessex Exiles
72 Laser Radial Toby Ayre   Maidenhead SC
73 Lark Dave Chisholm Ruth Johnson South Staffs SC
74 Laser 4.7 Simon Hamment   Papercourt SC
75 Enterprise Philip Kirk Sarah Kirk Frampton-On-Severn SC
76 RS 800 Justin Visser Guy Fillmore Royal Lymington YC
77 International Moth David Edwards   Tata Sailing Club
78 Blaze Bob Yates   Burghfield SC
79 Albacore Matthew Metcalfe-Smith Natalie Smith Ogston Sailing Club
80 International Moth Oliver Vidal   Hayling Island SC
81 Merlin Rocket John Reed Andria Ralph Hayling Island SC
82 RS 300 Matt Sargent   ASA TISC
83 Laser 4.7 Hannah Golton   Herre Bay SC
84 RS 400 Andy Hatch Alex Park Queen Mary Sailing Club
85 RS 200 Trevor Mawlins Tim O'Toole Littleton SC
86 RS 200 Carl Mayhew Julie Harrison Island Barn
87 Phantom Marcus Ingram   Up River YC
88 Phantom Richard Sims   Carsington SC
89 International Canoe Charlie Chandler   Tewkesbury SC
90 RS 200 Rob Janering Charlotte Cotter Wembley SC
91 Blaze Luke Mapley   Felpham Sailing Club
92 RS 300 Chris Gandy   Draycote Water Sailing Club
93 29er Aaron Smith Alec Rodgers Wilsonian SC
94 Musto Skiff Ian Martin   Datchet Water SC
95 Comet / Comet Xtra Christopher Robinson   Burghfield SC
96 49er Simon Marks Nick Murray Datchet Water SC
97 OK Richard Burton   West Oxfordshire SC
98 Merlin Rocket Andrew Kerr Gareth Hall Bough Beech Sailing Club
99 Phantom Ian Sullivan   Stewartby Water SC
100 International Moth Geoff Carveth   Hayling Island SC
101 International Moth Tim Penfold   Hayling Island SC
102 Merlin Rocket Pete Horn Niki Lapsley Grafham
103 RS 200 Jon Paton Sue Michelmore Papercourt SC
104 29er Vikki Payne Stephanie Orton Emsworth Sailing Club
105 Laser George Muir   Queen Mary Sailing Club
106 420 James Thomas Neil Bishop TBSC
107 RS 400 Stuart Halman Gill Greonig Leigh And Lowton SC
108 RS 200 Adam Wickenden Nancy Jackson Silverwing SC
109 29er Maddy Anderson Hugh Ward Brightlingsea
110 Blaze Andrew Pears   Queen Mary Sailing Club
111 International Moth Martin Fear   Bristol Corinthian YC
112 Laser David Bates   Queen Mary Sailing Club
113 National 18 Jeremy Vines David VINES Fran Gifford Tamesis SC
114 RS Feva Oliver Scott Tom Mitchell Docklands Sailing Watersports C
115 RS 200 Philip White Robert White Papercourt SC
116 D-One Tim Garvin   Queen Mary Sailing club
117 Enterprise Tim Vick Rebecca Marks Ulley SC
118 International Moth Doug Pybus   Queen Mary Sailing Club
119 Merlin Rocket Jonathan Steward Nick Yannakoyorgos Fishers Green Sailing Club
120 Laser Sebastian Scovell   Queen Mary Sailng Club
121 Phantom Rod Thorpe   Hanningfield Fly Fishing Club
122 Albacore Andy Pearce Ian Simpson Hlstc
123 RS K6 Martin Preston Adrian Dickenson Queen Mary Sailing Club
124 Europe Paul Robson   Claires Court Schools
125 Firefly Robert Henderson Jacquetta Bridge Southampton Solent
126 Topper Imogen Smith   Bough Beech SC
127 RS 200 Alex Beaney Amy Prime Weston
128 RS 600 Peter Nelson   Northampton SC
129 Laser Radial Michael Calvert   Salcombe YC
130 Int Moth (Foiling) Gareth Davies   Stone Sailing Club
131 Solo Patrick Overs   Paxton Lakes Sailing Club
132 RS 800 Antony Mee James Penty Datcher Water SC
133 Lark Kevin Rose Lucy Evans Shustoke
134 Solo Joe Rycroft   Littleton SC
135 Enterprise Ian O'Dell Tim Richardson Sussex YC
136 Merlin Rocket Charlie Morgan Hayley Manning Tamesis Club
137 RS 600 Jason Richards   BCYC
138 Laser Radial Calum Tait   Aberdeen and Stonehaven Yacht Club
139 Blaze Paul Taylor   Burghfield SC
140 Splash Benjamin Haynes   Trent Valley SC
141 Enterprise Benjamin Burrows Oliver Burrows West Oxfordshire Sailing Club
142 Laser Dan Wiggins   Queen Mary Sailing Club
143 OK Jeremy Deacon   Cookham Reach SC
144 Solo Frank Brown   Papercourt SC
145 Laser Radial Jack Muldoon   Spinnaker Sailing Club
146 Comet / Comet Xtra Clive Chapman   Littleton Sailing Club
147 Topper Oliver Cage   Bewl Valley SC
148 National 12 Nick Copsey Naomi Bilton Ely SC
149 Laser 4.7 Frederik Scheske   Queen Mary Sailing Club
150 Laser Radial Ed Nicholls   Datchet
151 Miracle Brian Jones Miles Weeks Maidenhead SC
152 Topper Angus Couper   Queen Mary Sailing Club
153 Laser Simon Adler   Queen Mary Sailing Club
154 Fireball Glenn Bolton Adam Sykes Datchet Water Sailing Club
155 RS 200 Chris Brown Xavier Quillien Burghfield SC
156 RS 200 Kevin Druce Fennella Williams Datchet Water Sailing Club
157 AltO Olly Love Gareth Lincoln Northampton SC
158 RS 200 Andrew Boyce Charlie Beck Papercourt SC
159 Laser Radial Hannah Steaggles   South Bank SC
160 470 Stuart Shields Andre Newman Bewl Valley Sailing Club
161 505 Olly Hopkins Russell Hopkins Tewkesbury SC
162 Fireball Andy Robinson Tim Morgan Datchet Water Sailing Club
163 International 14 Kimball Morrison Charles Crone Itchenor SC
164 International 14 Colin Smith Peter Helm Itchenor SC
165 Musto Skiff Andy Rice   Stokes Bay Sailing Club
166 Laser 2 Olly Provan Sam Barnes Datchet Water SC
167 Laser Bernard Fyans   Burghfield SC
168 National 12 Ian Smith Jenny Chen Midland SC
169 RS 400 Peter Daigneault Ben Gosling - Davis Eastbourne Sovereign SC
170 Laser 2000 Nigel Berman Quentin Stanley Queen Mary Sailing Club
171 Laser Radial Clive Friend   Littleton SC
172 RS 500 Henry Durman Oliver Lewis Arun Yacht Club
173 Comet / Comet Xtra Brian Weatherley   Cotswold Sailing Club
174 RS 200 Sam Nicholls Emily Smith Datchet
175 Lightning 368 Simon Hopkins   Up River YC
176 AltO John Hewat Jo Wicken Wilsonian SC
177 Enterprise Glen Cole Glen Smith Island Barn SC
178 RS 200 Christopher Gallagher Alistair Edwards Queen Mary Sailing Club
179 RS Feva Thomas Mallett Liam Horgan Queen Mary Sailing Club
180 Lightning 368 Matt Hopkins   Up River YC
181 Solo David Mitchell   Papercourt SC
182 Laser 4000 Chris Bilton Alex Watts Datchet Water Sailing Club
183 Laser Radial Eleanor Gadd   Queen Mary Sailing Club
184 International Moth Jonathan Peats   Qmsc
185 Laser 2000 Stephen Carver Roger Devereux Hunts SC
186 Wayfarer Andrew Ktenas Rebecca Scott Shadwell SC
187 Solo Chris Phillips   South Banks SC
188 GP14 Gary Marshall Angela Bergen South Bank Sailing Club
189 Cherub John Hamilton Digby Still Draycote SC
190 RS 500 Dave Kness James Jeffcoat Datchet Water SC
191 Topper Daniel Martin   Queen Mary Sailing Club
192 Enterprise Allan Munro-Faure Lana Soroka South Bank Sailing Club
193 RS 200 Katrina Lappin Paul Bailey RNSA
194 Topper George Nelson   Queen Mary Sailing Club
195 RS Feva Iona Dixon Ross Dixon Docklands Sailing And Watersports Centre
195 Albacore Nev Herbert Mark Fowler Tewkesbury SC
195 Laser 4.7 Emily Smith   Queen Mary Sailing Club
195 X1 Martin Dixon Chris Ingram London Corinthian SC
195 Phantom Simon Childs   Hayling Island
195 Merlin Rocket Richard Whitworth Richard Whitworth Hlsc & Pyc
195 Laser David Grant   Hawley Lake Stc
195 Merlin Rocket Derek Davies Helen Jones Exe SC
195 Lightning 368 Alex Jones   Cookham Reach SC
195 Merlin Rocket Jeremy Kahn Maud Larpent South Bank Sailing Club
195 RS 700 James Bayliss   Queen Mary Sailing Club
195 RS 300 Neil Skellamn   Leigh And Lowton SC
195 29er Daniel Druce Nick Adams Datchet SC
195 Lightning 368 Wayne Jenner   Abbey SC
195 Merlin Rocket Chris Martin Rob Kennaugh Blithfield SC
195 Cherub Stu Tinner Nick Pratt Queen Mary Sailing Club
195 SK4 Matthew Kiddle Tom Kiddle Covenham SC
195 Phantom Ben Falat   Gt Yarmouth & Gorleston SC
195 Streaker Veronica Falat   Gt Yarmouth & Gorleston SC
195 Laser 4.7 Theo Patrick   Burghfield Sailing Club
195 Lightning 368 Rupert Whelan   Whitefriars
195 RS Feva Courtney Bilbrough Orla Mitchell Docklands Sailing And Watersports Centre
195 Byte Steven King   South Bank Sailing Club
195 Lightning 368 Caroline Key   West Oxfrordshire Sailing Club
195 Solo Sara Bennett   South Bank Sailing Club
195 Punk Daniel Holman   Netley SC
195 RS 600 Joseph Salsbury   Hill Head Sailing Club
195 Enterprise Philip Chambers Amelia Goodwin Hampton Sailing Club
195 Phantom Chris Roberts   Creeksea Sailing Club
195 RS 800 David Hivey Ally Martin Sailingtogs.com
195 RS 100 Andrew Beynon   Hayling Island Sailing Club
195 Laser Edward Bolton King   Royal Air Force Sailing Association
195 Laser Nicholas Martin   University of Surrey
195 RS 600 James Nuttall   Bristol Corinthian YC
195 ISO Dave Skinner Andrew Skinner Datchet Water SC
195 Laser Harry Ogden   Qmsc
195 Cherub Roland Trim Laurence Bruce Trim Thornbury SC
195 International Moth Tom Offer   Chew Valley Lake SC
195 Merlin Rocket Richard Mourant Joe Woods Tamesis Club
195 International Moth Leigh Albrecht   Queen Mary Sailing Club
195 Yeoman John Draper John & Paul Hobbs Mallyon & Johnson Queen Mary Sailing Club
195 Laser 4.7 Jack Ward   Datchet Water SC
195 Laser 2 Andy Jack Chris Hulatt Datchet Water SC
195 Musto Skiff Griff Tanner   Queen Mary Sailing Club


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