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VIDEO: Paul Larsen on Vestas SailRocket Mk2

Unveiling the new weapon

Tuesday March 8th 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom

For the last 16 months Paul Larsen, designer Malcolm Barnsley and the Vestas SailRocket team have been beavering away in Venture Quays in East Cowes building the Mark 2 version of their speed sailer - the boat that they hope will taken them not just to a speed over the 500m course higher than the present 55.65 knots average, but has the potential to take them well beyond.

In this clip Larsen talks about the overall concept, why the hulls are 20degrees off axis to the hulls as his new high speed foil arrives...

A second video follows tomorrow where Larsen gives us a guided tour of the new beast, including how he expects to have to alter the angle of beam to the main hull in order to get the boat/plane moving through the water. "We know how to run, we must learn how to walk".

Please be patient with this file - its big for your optimum viewing experience and takes a while to get going (don't adjust your set, etc). To view full screen click the icon in the bottom RH corner).


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  • kwittnebel 21/03/2011 - 04:43

    A much larger pin holding the hydrofoil to the boat would be more reassuring...perhaps there is a lanyard fitted just in case?

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