• For sale | 09/12/2010 - 23:20 | Yachts | Shetland | 2000

    Two 2009 Genasun GL-105 Lithium Batteries for sale.

    Hardly any use - La Rochelle - Canaries, then pilot failure forced mini to
    retire. They have been stored and charged periodically

    These batteries come with controllers and the solar regulator.

    They are half the weight of Glass matt Batteries

    They are super deep cycle (ie you will continue to get full 13V power until
    the batteries are almost fully discharged)

    They can take literally hundreds of f full discharge cycles without loss of
    charging capacity. In other words, they are effectively cheaper than led
    acid or glass matt batteries, as they will last at least a hundred times

    £2000 GBP or make me an offer

    Shipping at buyers cost. Batteries Located in Shetland



    Phone: 00441595692645