• France's leading yachting photojournalist, Christian Fevrier has specialised in the America's Cup and the rebirth of the J Class yachts
  • America the myth - part 2 | 15/08/2001
    Adrian Morgan looks at 'the race' and whether or not the first America's Cup winner was indeed revolutionary
  • Was America really the revolutionary craft the press made out at the time? asks Adrian Morgan
  • Week off for Green | 10/08/2001
    Amid the innocent looking Swallow keelboat boat class lies America's Cup talent
  • Andy Rice went sailing on KA-6 for her first outing on British waters
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  • Doing the Wild Thing | 08/08/2001
    Australian yacht sets committee boat adrift. An extraordinary tale by Sian Cowen
  • Broaches galore | 07/08/2001
    on Bite the Bullet, a Mumm 30, during day three of Skandia Life Cowes Week
  • Cowes photo gallery | 06/08/2001
    Our images of the weekend's action
  • A devastating choice | 06/08/2001
    The Times' man in Cowes, Ed Gorman, gives a snap shot of today's racing
  • Dobbs Davies examines the first outing of ISAF's new Competitor Classification system
  • Weather helm | 13/06/2001
    Olympic sailor Paul Brotherton advises on how to deal with it
  • Ker 11.3 - review | 05/06/2001
    Such is the demand for this Jason Ker-design IRM racer that seven orders were placed on the strength of the drawings
  • Peter Bentley tests the current flavour of the month in sportsboats
  • The new secretary-general of the RYA has played an important behind-the-scenes role in making the GBR Challenge America's Cup campaign happen, he spoke to Ed Gorman