• Mark Chisnell's diary | 01/05/2002
    The latest from One World in Auckland
  • Nigel Cherrie talks to skiff turned Mumm 30 sailor Rob Greenhalgh about his plans for the Tour Voile
  • Everyone's in Antigua | 26/04/2002
    Apart from James Boyd, who reviews what he's missing this week
  • The black art | 25/04/2002
    James Boyd spoke to Derek Clark about how his team went about creating Wight Lightning
  • Gavin Brady interview | 24/04/2002
    Andy Rice speaks to the Prada's match racing star
  • Hyeres Preview | 20/04/2002
    Nigel Cherrie takes a look at this year's Hyeres Olympic Regatta...
  • Hyeres Venue Guide | 20/04/2002
    Jim Saltonstall gives the insider's guide to this popular Olympic venue in the south of France
  • Shredding sail | 17/04/2002
    From the French AC base in Lorient Sebastien Destremau describes a nerve racking incident during training
  • Ed Gorman comments... | 15/04/2002
    on the spectacular launch of GBR Challenge on Friday
  • Picture Gallery | 12/04/2002
    Peter Bentley took his camera to GBR Challenge launch
  • Long, narrow and heavy | 11/04/2002
    Expect GBR Challenge's new boat to be at one end of the design spectrum says Peter Bentley
  • One World Diary | 09/04/2002
    Mark Chisnell on the launch of their new boat and the campaigns environmental side
  • Team GBR photo gallery | 04/04/2002
    Part two of Peter Bentley's photo's from Palma
  • Introducing Zephyrus V | 02/04/2002
    First of new maxZ86 class of turbo sled launched
  • Palma Venue Guide | 22/03/2002
    Get the insider's guide to this stunning Spanish racing venue from top coach Jim Saltonstall