• Wanted | 14/12/2010 - 13:49 | Sails - used | Thames Estuary UK |
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    I am looking for some second hand sails to finish off my rebuilt Iroquois Mk1 catamaran.

    I have a main and a headsail and a masthead kite, but need a fractional kite for heavier weather and reaching, and a sail to work as a masthead to prodder screecher.

    1. Symmetrical or asymmetrical spinnaker 0.75oz or heavier, 9.0m to 9.5m luff

    2. Mylar or Kevlar headsail 11.5m to 12m luff to use as screecher - long foot if possible

    Any reasonable condition sails considered.

    There must be some pensioned off racing sails out there looking for a good home!

    Phone: 07721 016741