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    Classified adverts on The Daily Sail are free to subscribed Members of the site.

    The advert doesnt just appear in the Classified section, it is also promoted around the site based on the Primary term you select.  So if you have a large inshore racing mutlihull for sale - stick in Inshore and that where it will get the best visibility.

    Also check that the Title of your advert forms part of the advert's URL.  So word it well and that will help all those Googlers come across it too.

    In the body text here you can put all sorts of things to help get you advert working for you.  Pictures in here are limited to 470px wide as that means it fits the page ok.

    The Main image at the top is uploaded seperately and so its a bit bigger. This also becomes the thumbnail - shown on listings.

    The price field doesnt work brilliantly currently.  We need to get other currencies in there, but for the moment please just double up with the price in the Full Details section.

    YOU CAN SELL, WANT, HIRE, ANYTHING...BUT...WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO PULL STUFF OFF.  If you are clearing out your old collection of specialist magazines and DVDs, this may not be the best place for them.

    You can also use the advert to point to another advert.  If you have got something for sale on Ebay that could be of interest to a Daily Sail reader, then you can put an advert up and point to your Ebay listing using a weblink.  Same goes for brokerage, or dinghy sales, houses for rent....

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