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  • Sailing Intelligence
    Sailing Intelligence is a media consultancy and copywriting agency specialising in the marine industry and the sailing world
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    • 25+ years of experience in the marine media

      Set up by leading yachting journalists James Boyd and Andy Rice, Sailing Intelligence is a media consultancy and copywriting agency which specialises in the marine industry and the sailing world. We offer a range of media services to marine PR agencies, TV production companies, sports marketing agencies, yacht race event organisers, professional race boat teams and marine trade companies.

      Our work ranges from producing magazines and newsletters for luxury boatbuilders like Baltic Yachts and Nautor’s Swan, to providing content for teams or events such as Alinghi and the America’s Cup, to writing a coffee table book about Team ABN Amro’s domination of the Volvo Ocean Race in 2005-06.

      With a strong background in magazine and newspaper journalism, we know our subject, and we know how to communicate it.

      Three Reasons why you should choose Sailing Intelligence

      25+ years experience in the marine industry
      Ability to communicate complex subjects in simple terms
      International network of media experts
      What we do…

      Here is a taste of the types of service we offer at Sailing Intelligence:

      Media consultancy
      Event reporting
      Press release writing
      Website and content creation
      Advertisement design and copywriting
      Promotional literature
      Brochure creation, design, content, production
      Book authoring, design and printing
      Specialist translation by native speakers

      James (left) and Andy (right) commenting on the America's Cup with Roy Heiner

      Why use us?

      Our top team of writers are highly experienced both as journalists and commentators on our sport. They are also chosen because of their flexibility in being able to tailor a job to a specific purpose – such as focusing on particular nationalities in press releases.

      Our particular talent is being able to tailor our work so that it appeals to both sailing and non-sailing audiences alike. For example, when it comes to writing press releases, our background in news journalism gives us the edge in knowing how to write something that will get noticed among the pile of press releases on an editor’s desk.

      You can rely on us for accuracy. The marine world can be confusing and difficult to understand for many people. It has its own language, which sometimes can be too arcane for a wider audience (a bit like the word ‘arcane’ actually…). Our skill is in talking to sailors, boatbuilders, any marine experts you care to mention, and turning their words into something that the man on the street will understand.

      Since Sailing Intelligence was established in 2004, we have built up an impressive list of clients in the marine world. We haven’t quite got the A-Z, but we do have the A-V of clients, starting with Alinghi and finishing with the Volvo Ocean Race.


      Allianz (sponsor of BMW Oracle Racing)
      America’s Cup Management
      Baltic Yachts
      Future Fibres
      Gurit/SP Systems
      Nautor’s Swan
      Royal Yachting Association
      Skandia Team GBR
      Team ABN AMRO
      Team Russia
      Velux 5 Oceans
      Volvo Ocean Race