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  • Caterham Composites
    Caterham Composites is a specialist company delivering turn-key lightweight structural solutions to all industries offering fresh thinking, new perspectives and an unquenchable thirst for improvement.
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    50354 Hürth
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    • Caterham Composites

      “Exacting standards, deep knowledge, real-world experience and a free-thinking environment. A project can only be successful with all four.”

      - Duncan Bell, MD


      General Company Information

      Aerospace / Automotive / Marine / Motorsport

      We are an ideas business. Transforming old technologies, rejecting received wisdom and refusing accepted solutions. We will respectfully challenge you and your thinking.

      We never finish a project. We hit deadlines with ease, but we continue to learn from results, real-world data and customer feedback. It’s a virtuous cycle that means every new project is instantly infused with the learnings from the last. Everything we do is informed by everything we have ever done.

      We believe that creative thinking and engineering rigour can make anything lighter, stronger, faster and more efficient. Part of the Caterham Group, we’re a specialist company delivering turn-key lightweight structural solutions to all industries. We offer fresh thinking, new perspectives and an unquenchable thirst for improvement. Our focus is on the aerospace, automotive, marine, and motor sport industries.

      Our unique experience, spanning more than 25 years, combined with groundbreaking technology and a free-thinking environment means we can deliver tailored innovation for our customers.

      Our Story

      Composites, particularly carbon composites, don’t like being tied down by simulations. There simply is no substitute for years of experience breaking pieces of carbon fibre, under lab conditions, just to see what happens. That’s how the nucleus of the team was formed. A truly unique start, building, breaking and learning for a new F1 team, is an experience few other companies can replicate.

      Ten years at car manufacturers for some of us, stints at yacht manufacturers, some from aerospace - our team’s knowledge and invaluable insights come from a breadth of industries and roles. We also have fascinating and productive partnerships now with Altair and Alex Thomas Racing. This is both broadening our skills base, and enhancing our knowledge of crash and load data. In short, we are squaring the circle. We now think, design, build, measure and then use that knowledge to more reliably inform the next ‘think’.

      We have grown, we have morphed, we became part of the wider Caterham group. This gives us the ability to bring new skills to a project such as aero specialists and noise control - skills that we now have in-house and that can deliver an integrated approach rather than simply ‘doing our bit’. But we are still independent. We still remain a crack team of enthusiastic experts who deliver business-changing, at times industry-changing, solutions. We will always trade on our ingenuity, not just our numbers.

      Our Philosophy

      For many organisations, a blank sheet of paper is terrifying. For us, it’s a canvas for our next creation. Nothing gives us a greater thrill. No rules, no boundaries, no legacy. It’s not always possible, we accept that, but we will always challenge you to consider pushing the project beyond the expected scope. Why use a ‘tired and tested’ approach when you can rip up the rules, start from first principles and create real, tangible change?

      We have four key values that we live by. They don’t actively guide us, they describe who we already are.

      Openness - Our flat structure, our warm welcome, our sharing of ideas, our renowned balcony barbecues, our honesty.

      Thinking - We have some incredible technology, but every project starts with a strong coffee, a blank sheet of paper, and a selection of brightly coloured marker pens. This is where true innovation happens.

      Creativity - By combining free thinking, scribbles, half-thoughts and random notes, with bleeding-edge technology, modelling, data and experience, we create something unique. Every single time.

      Respect - For our staff and for our projects. That means we will challenge both, take both outside their comfort zone, but always make sure that both are well looked after.



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