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Thomas Muller and Lars Hendriksen fight it out after day two of the Aberdeen Dragon European Championship in Cowes

Wednesday June 7th 2006, Author: Fiona Brown, Location: United Kingdom
The second day of racing at the Aberdeen Dragon European Championship in Cowes brought near perfect conditions as the 42 teams from 11 nations enjoyed two more spectacular races. The competition is incredibly close and this is reflected in the fact that Germany's Thomas Muller and Denmark's Lars Hendriksen are currently tied for the lead on 16 points. Third and fourth place are also extremely close with Frank Berg of Denmark on 25 points and Maksim Semerkanov of Russia on 26 points, while Bo Selko, also of Denmark is fifth on 32 points. Just to keep the excitement levels up Georgy Shayduko of Russia, Louis Urvois of France and Portugals's Antonio Correia have a three way tie on 38 points for sixth. With four more races scheduled between now and the close of the regatta on Friday there's everything to play for.

This morning race two of the series got underway in 5-6 knots from 150° on a course paralleling the Lee on Solent shore. Unsurprisingly the majority headed left for the beach in search of the wind bend and at the weather mark it was Denmark's Bo Selko, helming for Peter Johansen, who led the fleet from fellow Dane Peter Warrer. Ireland's Simon Brien was third very closely followed by Germany's Jakob Bergbauer, Russia's Maksim Semerkanov, Denmark's Valdemar Bandolowski and in seventh Thomas Muller of Germany. The remainder of the top ten was filled by Russian teams with Sergey Maslov in eight, Alexander Ezhkov ninth and Georgy Shaydukov, helming for Artem Kuznetsov, in tenth.

Selko had clearly decided his name was on this race and defended his lead magnificently to the finish. Behind him Warrer initially looked good for second place but Brien got through him on the second beat and from there he slid backward to finish 16th. Having sailed himself into second Brien was not letting go so the battle was now for third place with Semerkanov, Bergbauer, Bandolowski, Muller and Ezhkov giving it all they'd got with every tack and gybe as the wind slowly increased. Eventually it was Semerkanov who took third from Ezhkov with Muller fifth. Russia's Oleg Khopersky sailed a very nice final lap to move from tenth to sixth with Denmark's Lars Hendriksen, helming for Edward Sawyer, seventh, Bandolowski eighth, Bergbauer ninth and Poul-Richard Hoj-Jensen tenth.

By the start of race three the sea breeze had filled in and the wind was up to 14-16 knots. Despite having wind and tide against them the fleet was over eager at the first attempt and PRO John Grandy called them back to try again. They got away on the second try and the combination of blue skies, good wind and a relatively flat Solent made for perfect racing and the fleet certainly gave it's gripped audience value for money as these beautiful classic yachts crossed tacks time and again. At the first weather mark Denmark's Frank Berg showed the fleet a clean pair of heels with Ireland's Neil Hegarty in second. Selko slotted into third with Hendriksen, in fourth. Bandolowski rounded sixth in a gaggle of boats that included Sweden's Tom Lofstedt, Louis Urvois from France, Warrer, local girl Gavia Wilkinson-Cox and Portugal's Antonio Correia.

As Berg consolidated his lead Henriksen pulled up into second and the two of them settled in for the remainder of the race. Behind them the pack remained tight right up until the line where Selko took third from Bandolowski with Hegarty fifth and Correia sixth. Hoj-Jensen sailed a cunning final lap to move up into seventh while Semerkanov kept hold of eighth just ahead of Lofstedt. The battle for tenth place was a hum-dinger between Muller and Wilkinson-Cox made all the more tense by the fact that Wilkinson-Cox is sailing Muller's old boat which she purchased from him earlier in the year. Initially it looked as if Muller had made a mistake in letting the boat go but eventually he managed to slip past on the final beat to take tenth with Wilkinson-Cox 11th.

For Wilkinson-Cox, a Dragon crew of many years standing who only turned to helming a couple of season ago, today was a highpoint in her sailing career. "I'm thrilled to be the top British boat in this afternoon's race and as Captain of the Cowes Dragon Fleet I'm also thrilled to have such a high level event sailed in the Solent." said Gavia after sailing.

Although our attention is naturally focused on the regatta leaders there are some interesting stories further down the fleet as well. Each day Dubarry of Ireland present the Dubarry Team of the Day Award which yesterday went to Robert Alpe and his crew Bob McCluskey and John Mellows. Robert and Bob have come all the way from Australia to compete with local boy John in this regatta and the Dubarry Award recognised them as the furthest travelled team. At the daily prize giving last night Robert and his crew were given a very warm reception by the assembled Dragon crews who particularly appreciated their enormous effort in representing Australia at the Aberdeen Dragon European Championship.

There is one race schedule for tomorrow with a planned start time of 1100.


Pos Sail No Boat R1 R2 R3 Tot
1 GER996 Sinewave 1 5 10 16
2 DEN138 Clairvoyant 7 7 2 16
3 DEN66 My Way 13 11 1 25
4 RUS-77 Diamond 15 3 8 26
5 DEN372 BB King 28 1 3 32
6 RUS44 Red October 2 13 23 38
6 FRA300 Ar Youleg 6 19 13 38
7 POR-48 El Gringo 12 20 6 38
9 RUS-1 Godfather 11 6 22 39
10 GBR705 Danish Blue 25 10 7 42
11 RUS2 Alisa 4 4 38 46
12 IRL193 Kin 21 2 25 48
13 GBR702 Rascal Rat 3 29 18 50
14 GER951 Saphir 10 9 31 50
15 DEN380 Lil 14 16 20 50
16 IRL176 Phantom 29 17 5 51
17 GBR 682 Ecstatic 8 12 33 53
18 RUS34 Russo Orient Express 18 18 17 53
19 DEN368 Flawless 42 8 4 54
20 GBR653 Njord 5 28 21 54
21 GBR708 Rumours 22 21 15 58
22 GBR709 Kuling 9 39 14 62
23 RUS25 Versiya 3.0 23 24 16 63
24 GBR684 Hand of Fortune 17 35 12 64
25 SWE 336 Pilen 24 33 9 66
26 GBR669 Supremacy 16 27 27 70
27 GBR716 Jerboa 30 31 11 72
28 RUS3 Bars 27 15 37 79
29 GBR710 / GBR679 Avalanche 19 32 29 80
30 GBR688 Quicksilver III 33 23 24 80
31 MON-001 Munegu 38 14 30 82
32 GBR610 / 788 Rackham 20 30 32 82
33 GBR693 Virago 35 26 26 87
34 GBR656 / GBR648 Apalala 26 22 40 88
35 UKR777 Transbunker 36 37 19 92
36 GBR 700 Princess Jalina 32 25 35 92
37 GBR660 Aimee 31 38 28 97
38 FIN63 Nenya 37 36 34 107
39 GBR706 Chips 40 34 36 110
40 GBR681 / GBR690 Stampede 34 41 39 114
41 GBR593 Flamboyant 39 40 42 121

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